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- Cup o’ Joe for a Soldier -
Americans Rally to Show Support

“No one should have to drink bad coffee; especially our soldiers.” That’s what the people at the Bad Ass Coffee Company were thinking when they launched their “Buy a Cup O’ Joe for a Soldier” program in early 2007. The Bad Ass Coffee Company has been matching up soldiers with willing donors from all around the world and have, to date, sent over 5,000 pounds of coffee to American servicemen and servicewomen stationed overseas.

“Sometimes when the soldiers sit and have a cup of coffee it is the only reprieve they get,” said Connie Alexakos, VP Marketing at Bad Ass Coffee. “The response to the soldier program has been overwhelming. People have been so generous and the soldiers so appreciative,” she added.

The wonderful folks at the Bad Ass Coffee Company have made the donation process quick and easy. For just a few minutes of your time and a few dollars from your pocket, you’ll bring some joy to a soldier who has given so much for America’s freedom.

Here’s how it works. Everyday, US soldiers stationed around the world visit the Bad Ass Coffee Company website and request a 1 lb. bag of coffee. To satisfy these requests, donors go to the site and purchase a 1 lb. bag of Hawaiian Blend Coffee for $11.95. The coffee is then sent to the soldier at their base overseas—Bad Ass Coffee Company pays for shipping. At the time of purchase, a donor may elect to have their contact information passed on to their soldier or they may wish to remain anonymous—the choice is theirs. Many donors do hear back from the soldiers via email and find it very gratifying.

To become a donor or to learn more about this amazing program, visit or click on the banner below.

- Move over Green… -
Make Room for Red...

Red tea, Bush tea, Redbush tea…known by many names, Rooibos (pronounced “roy•boss”) is actually not a tea at all, but an herb with wonderful versatility. Hailing from the Western Cape region of South Africa, Rooibos (Afrikaans for "red bush”) has a centuries-old history yet still enjoys popularity in modern South Africa. Today it is consumed in Western countries as well, and is the drink of choice especially among health-conscious consumers who prepare it as a tisane or herbal beverage.

Reports note that Carl Humberg, a botanist, was the first to identify this Rooibos plant in 1772. Years later, the events surrounding WWII made it difficult to buy and ship tea out of Asia. A Russian immigrant, Benjamin Ginsberg realizing its value and started marketing rooibos as an herbal substitute to tea. The demand for Rooibos grew. Generations had enjoyed Rooibos for the sweet taste it rendered yet remained unaware of the health applications that would soon be reported.

It was decades later, with the publication of a book titled "Allergies: An Amazing Discovery," that the popularity of Rooibos skyrocketed. Annique Theron, a South African mother, discovered that the natural healing properties of the Rooibos plant soothed her infant suffering from colic and insomnia. With further research and investigation, Annique documented the amazing health benefits of Rooibos in her book titled, "Allergies: An Amazing Discovery” which was published in 1970. It was the publication of this book that helped Rooibos tea gain recognition. Today, Dr. Theron’s findings have proved to be beneficial not just to babies, but to all ages.

The fresh mountain air and the hot African sun convert the verdant bush leaves to its beautiful, signature mahogany red. Rooibos tea has become popular because of its fruity, nutty, sweet taste and is praised for being caffeine-free, antioxidant-rich, and for having low tannin levels. The Republic of Tea produces a full line of Red Teas and reports “the benefits of Red Tea run much deeper than its unique garnet color.” Adding that “Red Tea is full of polyphenols and flavonoids which help reduce cellular damage caused by free radicals that weaken natural defenses and eventually lead to aging and the onset of disease, as well as many beneficial vitamins and minerals.” While Rooibos tea may afford consumers health benefits, according to the Tea Association of the US, “the body of research supporting claims for Rooibos is tiny in comparison to the volumes of scientific evidence published about the health benefits of Camellia sinensis”.

Red tea, Bush tea, Redbush tea, Rooibos tea…No matter what it is called people love to drink this delicious, naturally sweet, and very versatile beverage.

If you are new to Rooibos, try the tea sampler pack from or the Organic Rooibos from If you prefer your tea iced, try ZRedT which is available in seven great flavors: Sweet, Lemon, Peach, Raspberry, Vanilla, Unsweet and Ginsing & Honey.(


- Rolling the Dice for the Title -
of Ultimate Barista

Discovery Bay Games has successfully launched a new game about one of the nation's trendiest beverages—coffee! Barista, The Game™, created quite a "buzz" among coffee community at the Fall Coffee Fest conference held in Seattle and was a big hit for holiday gift-giving.

"We live in such a coffee culture," said Craig Olson, CEO of Discovery Bay Games, "With so many people drinking coffee these days, developing a game about the popular beverage was as natural as, well, ordering a double tall nonfat latte!"

Grande nonfat mocha with a single shot? Or tall soy cappuccino with a double-shot? Match the beverage shown on a roll of dice to make the perfect cup and win! Other players vying for the title of Ultimate Barista will try to sabotage your order by forcing you to spill your drink order, or may even change the drink order and mess up your hand!

How to play: to win a player must match the beverage shown on the roll of four dice with cards in his hand in order to earn the most tips and become the Ultimate Barista. Each die represents part of the drink order including number of shots (single, double, triple), size (short, tall, grande), type of milk (soy, latte, breve), and type of drink (latte, mocha, cappuccino). The perfect cup could just be a double tall nonfat latte one round and a triple grande soy mocha the next. Competing baristas can play Action cards to change part of the drink order or make you "spill" your drink, causing you to start from scratch. Other cards in the deck will help you earn tips ("You have just been selected Barista of the Month!") or cause you to lose tips ("Your store has just been sued for serving coffee too hot.")

The game can be played with 2-4 players (4 is better) ages 8 and up and sells for $14.95.

Based in Port Townsend and Seattle, Washington, Discovery Bay Games LLC (formerly Baffle Gab LLC) makes award-winning, family-oriented games of fun, learning, and discovery. For more information, visit

- Coffee Jelly -
A Wonderful Breakfast Treat


Hazelnut Coffee Jelly
Capturing the delicious roasted flavor of freshly brewed coffee, this unique jelly is delicious served over cream cheese with crackers, bagels, croissants, or your morning muffin. Also available: Crème Brulee, French Vanilla, and Vanilla Latté. An 8.0 oz. jar sells for $7.95 each.



- Book Buzz -
The Ultimate Tea Diet

Featured as one of Time Magazine’s 10 Notable Diet Books of 2008

At the core of incredible media frenzy, is a new book that offers valuable insight to the links between tea and health, focusing primarily on weight loss.

Maybe you’ve read about Mark “Dr. Tea” Ukra in Woman’s World or Time magazines…Or maybe you’ve seen him on Good Morning America, ABC News, Access Hollywood, or on iVillage…Without a doubt, you’ve heard about the hot new book sweeping the country…

Mark Ukra is known as "Dr. Tea" to hundreds of celebrities who shop at his Tea Garden & Herbal Emporium in West Hollywood, California. In his new book, The Ultimate Tea Diet, Mark makes it very clear that he is “not a physician, a dietician, a nutritionist, or a psychiatrist.” He does, however, offer some great advice (and recipes) on how to optimize the amazing health benefits of tea to support a healthy lifestyle and lose weight.

Broken down into three easy-to-read and accessible chapters, The Ultimate Tea Diet covers: The Tea/Weight Loss Connection; The Ultimate Tea Diet; and All About Tea (a chapter which includes the history of tea as well as recipes).

“Dr. Tea has come up with a unique approach to losing weight based on drinking tea and using common sense! The Ultimate Tea Diet is a recommended read for tea lovers and those who will soon be converted.” –Joe Simrany, President, Tea Association of the USA

About “Dr. Tea”: Mark “Dr. Tea” Ukra is a leading authority on tea whose family has been in the tea business for over 200 years. He is the owner of Dr. Tea’s Tea Garden & Herbal Emporium located in California. “Dr. Tea” helps people around the globe lose weight and stay healthy with his Ultimate Tea Diet plan.

To contact “Dr. Tea” by email: Visit to find out more or to purchase a copy of this book.

Published by Harper Collins. January 2008. Hardcover. $24.95.
ISBN 978-0-06-144175-2.


- Special Events -
New York’s 92nd Street Y

Come join other foodies at the renowned 92nd Street Y for a robust array of tasting events. Over the next few months, the Y will be hosting several tastings and food excursions of note.

Francine Segan's World of Tasting Tea: Tasting & History  
Join food historian and expert Francine Segan as she journeys through the delicious past and present of our favorite foods! Programs include rich histories and delicious tastings.
Wed, Mar 12, 7-8:30 PM

The Chocolate Collection: An Evening of Tasting
Culinary historian Alexandra Leaf takes you through a decadent array of chocolates, alongside famed chocolatier Clay Gordon and wine expert Costas Mouzouras.
Sun, Mar 30, 7:30 PM


Extreme Chocolate Walking Tour
Take a live-action walking tour through the city’s chocolate-lined corridors of SoHo and Greenwich Village with culinary historian Alexandra Leaf. Meet the city’s best chocolatiers and learn their craft, sample their wares along the way.
Fri, April 11, 1-4:30 PM

Gracie Mansion Tea Tour
Get a behind-the scenes tour the official residence of New York City’s mayor, including the upstairs living quarters previously off-limits to visitors. Afterwards, enjoy the famed Gracie Mansion tea the way it’s meant to be sipped- in the grand ballroom! Space is extremely limited, advance registration required.
Tue, Apr 15, 1-3 PM

Francine Segan on Honey: Sweet History and Gourmet Tasting
Join famed cookbook author and food historian Francine Segan on a tasty journey through honey’s succulent past. In this unique event, learn to differentiate subtle flavors of such varieties as French lavender, blueberry blossom, Hawaiian and the famed tupelo honey.
Wed, Jun 18, 7-8:30 PM

Waldorf-Astoria Tour and High Tea
Get a sneak peak behind the scenes of the city’s most luxurious hotel. Tour the legendary lobbies and ballrooms, and take a look at how the rich and famous visit the city. Afterwards, enjoy the hotel’s famous high tea on the world-renown cocktail terrace.
Fri, May 23, 12 -2 PM

To register or for further information visit, call 212-415-5500 or stop by the Box Office at Lexington Avenue and 92nd Street.

- Coffee & Tea Festival: NYC -
April 12-13, 2008

Coffee and tea sampling
Lectures / Classes
Japanese Tea Ceremony (sponsored by TAFU NY)
Shopping & Art
Java/Tea Lounge with music & entertainment
Raise funds for Cup for Education

Don't miss the 3rd Annual Coffee & Tea Festival: NYC in 2008! CALL FOR 2008 EXHIBITOR INFORMATION.
631-940-7290 or
Click here for exhibitor information

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