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#DrinkTea: New Marketing Campaign to Raise Awareness

The Tea Council of the USA, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of a #DrinkTea Campaign representing a consumer-friendly, business-friendly, social media-friendly approach to promoting the benefits of tea consumption in the USA.

Did you know that tea is the most popular beverage in the world next to water? The USA is the third largest tea importer in the world. #DrinkTea is a campaign to support the growing interest in tea within the USA and beyond. Positive, informative, messages and imagery are intended to entice more people young and old, to become tea loving consumers. The goal of the campaign is to contribute to and support sustainable growth within the tea industry.

Early stages of the #DrinkTea campaign introduces a series of images along with approved short phrases/positive messaging to be used and shared freely by consumers and tea business owners. The campaign images may be placed as-is and without modification in publications, on websites, used in emails, shared via all types of social media including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and the like. A variety of phrases include some focused health benefits of tea and other seasonal or unique messaging that may be easily swapped out or shared for special occasions throughout the year. It's a fun way to demonstrate a personal passion for tea or a desire to support tea business growth with connection and support of the Tea Council and its programs that benefit the tea industry overall.

The #DrinkTea campaign is the brainchild and handiwork of Gail Gastelu, publisher of The Tea House Times; recently appointed advisory board member to The Tea Association of the USA's Specialty Tea Institute. Ms. Gastelu said, “This campaign is something that needed to be started to demonstrate camaraderie among tea industry businesses with a common goal to improve and expand tea consumption in the USA. The Tea Association and Tea Council of the USA and its Specialty Tea Institute are the foundation and protectors of tea and it is our duty as an industry to show our support as paid, supporting members and to make a commitment to uphold high standards in not only products but quality information and fun, informative, very sharable messaging to benefit all concerned.”

Future additions to the #DrinkTea campaign will include varied images and messaging to provide further interactions during hot tea drinking months or iced tea drinking months. The initial series of images represent hot tea. Iced tea will be another focus as will an availability of larger ad-like messages to be shared with all types of newspapers, magazines and media sources looking to support the campaign mission.

Peter Goggi, president of the Tea Association of the USA added, “This campaign represents the cornerstone of many Association or Council processes and is advantageous to the betterment of tea industry growth. It contributes building blocks to structure and strengthen consumer interest, tea industry conviviality, and more importantly the support and advocacy of growth for members.”

#DrinkTea campaign images are freely open and available to public and business viewing and sharing. Visit and look for the #DrinkTea Campaign image to learn more.  Find campaign images and usage guidelines here.


Donut Trail Unveiled in Butler County, Ohio

Bring your own thermos of coffee or tea….Ohio's first and only Donut Trail was unveiled earlier this month by the Butler County Visitors Bureau. Creating a Donut Trail was a natural fit for Butler County, Ohio, which boasts one of the highest numbers of donut shops per capita in the Midwest.

The Butler County Donut Trail highlights small, family-run donut shops and invites visitors to explore Butler County through donuts. With one donut shop for every 20,000 residents, visiting a neighborhood donut shop is a favorite morning tradition across Butler County. Sharing this donut passion with visitors is a tasty way to bring Butler County cuisine to a new audience.

Featured Donut Trail locations represent a combined 227 years of donut-making experience. With a loyal fan base, Butler County's donuts inspire devotion nationwide.

"I would drive 9 hours for a Milton's pink donut, and do... since I live in Chesterfield, Virginia. Nothing beats sitting on my back porch with a couple of Milton's and a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning. Just wish they had one in Richmond!" said Mike Bogan of Chesterfield, VA.

Tapping into the enthusiasm for these sugary donut confections was an easy choice for the Butler County Visitors Bureau.

"The Donut Trail is a great way to explore Butler County. With a tremendous number of independently run donut shops, creating the Donut Trail was a fun way to highlight some of the unique and off-the-beaten path businesses that make Butler County a great place to live and visit," said Mark Hecquet, Executive Director of the Butler County Visitors Bureau.

Participating donut shops along the trail include:

  • Jupiter Coffee & Donuts

  • Kelly's Bakery

  • Martin's Donuts

  • Milton's Donuts

  • Mimi's Donuts & Bakery

  • Oxford Doughnut Shoppe

  • Ross Bakery

  • Stan the Donut Man

  • The Donut Spot

"Kelly's Bakery is thrilled to be part of the Butler County Donut Trail. We can't wait to welcome people to our store, our city and our corner of the Midwest," said Kelly's Bakery owner, Diana Ramsey.

The Butler County Donut Trail is now open for travel. A Donut Trail passport is available for donut fans to log their journey. Each participating donut shop displays a coded decal. Visitors who fill in the passport with all correct codes earn a complimentary Donut Trail t-shirt.

For more information on the Butler County Donut Trail, or to download the Passport, please visit


Eight O'Clock Relaunches Its Award-Winning
100% Colombian Peaks Coffee

Eight O’Clock®, America’s original gourmet coffee brand made with 100% Arabica beans, recently announced the relaunch of its award-winning 100% Colombian Peaks coffee now 50% Rainforest Alliance Certified™, and, as always, featuring 100% Colombian beans.  Eight O’Clock has teamed up with the Rainforest Alliance to help to ensure its coffee beans are grown and harvested using environmentally and socially responsible practices.

Available on grocery store shelves across the country, Eight O’Clock’s 100% Colombian Peaks Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee is cultivated exclusively at a high altitude in Colombia’s rich volcanic soils.  These coffee beans are harvested at their optimum ripeness, providing a delicious, medium roasted flavor with winey notes and a rich, elegant aroma and full-bodied finish. Offered in Whole Bean and Ground bagged options, Eight O’Clock’s 100% Colombian Peaks is guaranteed to be a favorite of coffee lovers everywhere.  In fact, Eight O’Clock is so confident in the great taste and quality of their 100% Colombian Peaks that the company is offering consumers a full refund if they are not completely satisfied.* $6.99

“We are proud to announce the relaunch of Eight O’Clock’s 100% Colombian Peaks coffee,” said Alicia Angione, Director of Marketing for Eight O’Clock.  “In an effort to deliver the highest quality Colombian coffee experience and deliver on our commitment to long term environmental sustainability, our 100% Colombian Peaks now features 50% Rainforest Alliance Certified beans while maintaining its signature flavor profile that coffee drinkers love. We believe so strongly in the delicious taste of our 100% Colombian Peaks that we’re offering consumers a full money-back guarantee.”

For over 150 years, Eight O’Clock has been delivering the highest quality coffee experience, from the beans and the flavors, right down to the enticing aromas.  From selecting the best beans, to roasting them in small batches, to packaging them to maximize flavor, Eight O’Clock is methodical about its craftsmanship – providing aromas that spark memories and flavors that excite the senses.  Made with 100% Arabica beans, Eight O’Clock features a full line of great tasting gourmet coffees, with 14 varieties and blends ranging from light to dark roasts, available in whole bean and ground bags, as well as K-Cup® packs for Keurig® K-Cup brewing systems.

For more information on Eight O’Clock, visit


DIY Tea Scrubs

A good day, for many, starts and ends with tea. An early cup to help ease into the morning; a pick-me-up mid-afternoon; a tipple after dinner; a soothing sip to wind down before bed: They’re all part of a tea lover’s lifestyle. But what if there’s more to tea than simply brewing a beverage? At The Daily Tea, they have been drinking tea for years, and their love and passion for the leaf still drives them to find unique uses for tea. After being told time and again just how healthy tea is for us, a light suddenly went on: It was time to take the next step and nourish our bodies from the outside with DIY Tea Scrubs.

And so, for the folks at The Daily Tea the challenge was accepted:  make tea part of everyday bath and beauty rituals. “Incorporating tea into your own routine is easier than you’d think—and you can even make some DIY Tea Scrubs at home in your kitchen,” writes Carter.

The Daily Tea spoke with Rachana (Rachel) Carter, an avid tea enthusiast and founder of iHeartTeas, a line of decadent tea-infused bath and body products, to find out more about using tea in at-home spa treatments. She even shared a few recipes!

How are tea-infused soaks and scrubs made?

The easiest way you can use tea in the bath is in its loose-leaf form. It’s a simple first step to including tea into your beauty regimen. Beyond that, in many bath and beauty treatments, loose-leaf tea can be added along with natural extracts, essential oils, and fragrances. Blended right, they all come together into healthful and rejuvenating options for when it’s time to relax.

How do you choose what ingredients go into your products?

When selecting ingredients, consider the product you’re making. For example, in a salt scrub, you would need to add a naturally exfoliating tea to enhance the scrubbing action. Select a hardy tea, one that would stand up to the addition of oils and salt. A great tea choice would be a CTC (“Crush, Tear, Curl,” a finely processed, broken black tea), such as an Irish Breakfast, not a sencha, which is likely to lose its texture when blended into oils. Be sure to use tea leaves that are more rounded, or even crushed, in order to avoid sharp pieces—you wouldn’t want to get scratched.

What are some of the benefits of using tea in your pampering routine?

Many of us use tea as a natural way to calm and relax the mind. Building from that principle, we can also use tea to enhance our natural beauty and calm. Start with a great tea, then add nourishing butters, oils, and extracts to feed the body. Don’t forget to notice scent! Using aromatherapy and naturally beneficial oils, you can heighten your relaxation and strengthen the connection between mind and body. While tea may offer potent antioxidant benefits, it’s also so much more than that: You can achieve daily balance through peace, happiness, and tea! 

Source:  The Daily Tea

Matcha Sugar Scrub (For Face & Lips)

2 tbsp. white granulated sugar

1 tbsp. olive oil (or a lighter oil like fractionated coconut oil or grapeseed oil, if available)

1/4 tsp. matcha powder

2 drops peppermint oil (optional)

Whisk sugar and matcha until well blended, then slowly add oil while whisking steadily. Once all the oil is incorporated, add the peppermint oil if desired.

To Use: Apply scrub gently using a circular motion on face and rub onto lips. Rinse off, wash face with a gentle cleanser, and apply light moisturizer. Try using White Tea Facial Cream by iHeartTeas for a total tea experience.

Recipes by Rachel Carter


6 Apps to Help You Drink Better Coffee

Today, technology and coffee go hand in hand. While the act of brewing can be a very simple thing (combining water and coffee grounds), it can also be a very technical thing (grounds-to-water ratio, for example) — not to mention how precise espresso-making gets.

Ask any coffee-loving geek, technology can in fact help you to make better coffee. So, here are a few of the coffee-related apps to help you conquer caffeine.

1. KoHi - Pour Over Coffee Brewing
KoHi, by KoHi Labs, comes out at the top of the list for those who make coffee professionally (or just in a super geeky manner at home). The "brew calculator, timer, and recipe manager" lets you select what type of pour-over method you're using (Chemex? French press? AeroPress?) and will help ensure that your coffee is in tip-top shape. It means no more guessing about your beans-to-water ratio and how long you should let them infuse. Just put in how much coffee you want to brew, how you're going to brew it, and KoHi will work out the rest.

2. Intelligentsia Coffee
Well-known Chicago specialty coffee roaster Intelligentsia's app includes brew guides for different methods, a timer, and a customizable brewing calculator. To use the timer, you choose your brew method, then enter the weight of beans you are using, and the app tells you how much water to use. Of course, Intelligentsia is in the business of selling coffee, so you can purchase their beans directly in the app. The other aspect that I like is that there is information about all of the coffee that Intelligentsia sells. Even if you don't buy it, this is a great way to learn about different types of coffee — where they come from and the stories behind them.

3. Spro
Spro is for those of you with an espresso machine on your hands. There are step-by-step instructions for 14 different espresso drinks, as well as helpful diagrams. You'll have that cortado mastered in no time.

4. Beanhunter
Beanhunter is a website dedicated to cataloging user-rated coffee experiences and making them available to the public, with listings and ratings of thousands of independent cafes around the globe. Checking out Sydney and want to know where to go? Beahunter will pull up a list of all the top-rated spots near you. Listings are predominantly in Australia, but you'll find information for cafes in other cities around the world here, too, like Los Angeles and Singapore.

5. UP Coffee
From Jawbone, known for making health-monitoring devices, this app has nothing to do with how you make coffee. Instead, it's focused on the effects of coffee on your body — specifically, on how you sleep. You tell it what you've had to drink and how much, and the app estimates about what time you will be ready to sleep and how edgy you currently feel. Essentially, it's the app to tell you when you've had enoughcoffee, and remind you that it's time to stop. Because yes, unfortunately, there is such a time.

6. CoffeeRun
So, you're the one in the office that got stuck doing the coffee run? Instead of writing down all your coworkers' orders, use this app instead. There's even an option for noting down which donuts they want.

PLUS:  (full disclosure:  this has nothing to do with making or enjoying coffee…)

Coffee Meets Bagel
A free dating app for singles looking for real relationships!  Find your “Everything Bagel.” As opposed to traditional dating apps or dating sites where you are inundated with endless profiles, Coffee Meets Bagel selects & recommends ideal matches based on attraction, geography, and common interests.


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