Coffee and Tea Newsletter: June 2009
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Innovative Product Alert!
Braswell's Special Teas in Re-Usable Glasses

In 1946, young Albert Braswell returned from World War II with a GI Bill and no job. Using his mom’s recipe, he began canning and selling pear preserves out of the back of his truck. More than 60 years later, Braswell's of Georgia has grown into a true Southern tradition and one of the country's largest producers of specialty jams, jellies, preserves, toppings, relishes, dressings, fruit butters, fruit spreads, fruit syrups, sauces, marmalades, and salsas. Known for its tremendous selection of flavors and consistent high quality, Braswell’s is one of the most popular suppliers of specialty and gourmet condiments for private labels, and is known for its own brand of gourmet items like preserves and teas packaged in European glassware.

The Braswell Food Company introduced Braswell’s Select Special Teas at the 2009 Summer Fancy Food Show held last month in New York. Made with all natural and/or organic ingredients and packaged in beautiful, reusable European glassware, Braswell’s Special Teas are available in 11 fl. oz. glasses for $2.95 at specialty retailers.

Braswell’s Special Teas are handcrafted in small batches using triple-filtered water and all natural and/or organic ingredients and flavors. Deliciously unique flavors include:

All Natural: Vanilla Chai Tea, Watermelon Raspberry White Tea, Pomegranate Passion Red Tea, and Blueberry Black Tea

Organic: Pomegranate Blackberry Tea, Peach Pomegranate Green Tea, Raspberry Red Tea, and Wildberry White Tea

“Like biscuits and gravy, and homemade peach pie, an ice cold glass of tea is a true Southern tradition” said Andrew Oliver, President of Braswell’s. “While Braswell’s Special Teas have distinctly modern flavors and packaging, we hope they will help transport us back to when we had the time to sit, relax and enjoy a neighbor’s company over a delicious glass of tea.”

A small number of foods and drinks have been packaged and sold in reusable drinking glasses or jars over the years, however Braswell’s is the first to package its gourmet preserves and teas in high quality, attractive European glassware, making them a uniquely elegant and eco-friendly gift.

For more information on Braswell’s and to purchase products, visit


m—SAVE 20% & FREE S&H

We are happy to offer our readers an exclusive special offer to celebrate the launch of, the world’s largest coffee marketplace. is a site for coffee lovers run by coffee lovers. is more than just a place to shop for coffee and related products (although they do offer an incredible selection of coffees from around the world). They also offer coffee lovers a place to find information about coffee and a platform on which to discuss coffee with others.

“We are passionate about our coffee,” said Eyal Rosen, Co-Founder of “When shopping, we seek the largest selection of quality products, as well as relevant recommendations from peers, so we can find exactly what we are looking for. We like to try a variety of coffees in search of the perfect cup,” he added.


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While you are there, make sure you “Sign Up For Savings” to get an inside view of coffee roasting & brewing, get special pricing, and exclusive offers.


American Classic Tea for
American Heroes
Bigelow Serves a Cup of Thanks

They put their lives on the line each and every day – to protect and to serve. “They” are our American troops who are fighting to protect our freedom far away from home, in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Bigelow family (, committed to bringing a little bit of “home” to these courageous men and women, collaborated with their wonderfully supportive employees and friends to produce a special run of American Classic Tea – just for our American soldiers.

“One of my greatest joys at Bigelow Tea is the work we can do to try to make a difference,” said Cindi Bigelow, President of Bigelow Tea. “We wanted to do something to show just how much we appreciate these men and women, so we decided to send them our version of a thank you card.”

For over a week, the Bigelow manufacturing plant in Louisville, Kentucky was buzzing with activity as they wrapped and boxed nearly 2 million American Classic tea bags to be sent overseas and to airports where the troops are either leaving for or returning from a deployment in the Middle East. Bigelow Tea employees were beaming as they worked, at warp speed, on this very special production run. “It’s a lot of work, but we’re very pleased to do it,” said Bigelow Tea plant manager Steve Keys, summing up the overall enthusiasm in a recent clip on local Louisville TV channel, WDRB-Fox.

The selection of tea chosen for this thank you gift was none other than Bigelow’s American Classic Tea which was 100% grown on American soil. Nurtured in the country’s largest tea garden, the idyllic Charleston Tea Plantation purchased by the Bigelow family in 2003, the American Classic tea was lovingly packaged in a beautiful custom-made box designed by Bigelow family friend, Duke Saltus. Helping to facilitate the shipment of 100,000 boxes of tea to troops overseas was another Bigelow family friend, the USO Regional Vice President (US) Jeff Hill. The Bigelow family, friends and employees are all so excited to send this heartfelt token of thanks to the brave men and women of the American Armed Forces.


Deliciously Dunkable New Treats from the Makers of BISCOTTEA

Coffee lovers rejoice! As fans of BISCOTTEA we knew it was just a matter of time before the makers of BISCOTTEA created a shortbread for coffee lovers. It was worth the wait—we welcome BISCOFFEE—buttery, crunchy, and oh-so-satisfying.

BISCOFFEE™ coffee shortbreads are baked combining the richness of the traditional Scottish recipe with selected organic fair-traded coffees from Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Sumatra and Ethiopia. There are three BISCOFFEE™ shortbread styles available to pair with your favorite coffee: Espresso, Cappuccino, and Mocha.

BISCOFFEE™ Espresso Coffee Shortbreads are made with the finest fair trade and organic certified coffees sourced from Ethiopia, Peru, Brazil and Mexico. This espresso blend captures the aroma and flavor of a full-bodied espresso.

BISCOFFEE™ Cappuccino Coffee Shortbreads feature a blend of the finest fair trade and organic certified coffees. These dark roasted coffees are sourced from Peru and Mexico and are paired with organic non fat milk to create a rich, frothy cappuccino experience.

BISCOFFEE™ Mocha Shortbreads use a blend of the finest fair trade and organic certified coffees from Peru, Brazil, Mexico, and Indonesia and pairs them with organic cocoa powder to create a rich chocolatey café mocha treat.

Also available:
BISCOTTEA: Mint Tea, Honeybush Tea, Chai Tea, Earl Grey Tea, and Blueberry Tea.

BISCOTTEA GLUTEN FREE: Chai Tea, Earl Grey Tea, and Blueberry Tea.

To see the variety of delectable shortbreads and to find out where to get them, visit


Perk Up Your Summer BBQ


Perk up your poultry! Wake up your steak! Coffee can be a great addition to many recipes. As a dry rub, marinade, or brine, coffee is making a big splash at summertime barbeques across the country. Top chefs know that coffee has the ability to enhance the flavor of meats and many use it as one of their cooking secrets. By incorporating coffee and coffee blends into your next BBQ you’ll quickly see why coffee is the grill master’s best friend.

Check out this link to an amazing recipe for Coffee-Rubbed Cheeseburgers With Texas Barbecue Sauce from this month’s issue of Bon Appetit magazine.


A long-time newsletter reader, Patty K. (Omaha, NE) wrote to us to recommend a new product she discovered—boy, were we glad she did!

From a small still on Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina, comes a unique hand-crafted sweet tea vodka from Firefly. The vodka is infused with tea grown on a local plantation and blended with real Louisiana sugar cane. As per Patty’s recommendation, we mixed it with lemonade to create an adult-only version of the well-known Arnold Palmer (a mix of lemonade and iced tea).

Refreshing and delicious, this sweet tea cocktail really satisfies and it sure to be a big hit at summer bbqs and backyard gatherings. Thank you, Patty, for the introduction to a great summertime elixir.