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- Thats A Nice! -
Celebrating Sicilian Coffee Roasting Tradition

Coffee is an integral part of Sicilian life, so it was just a matter of time before coffee became part of the THATS A NICE! all-natural gourmet line of Southern Italian foods.

Thats A Nice! coffees went to market in January 2008 and almost immediately were honored with the "Best Tasting Coffee" award from the organizers of the 2008 Winter Fancy Food Show.

Thats A Nice! coffees are roasted in the Sicilian tradition, a time honored craft, where old world cultural icons and art abounds, and life is never rushed. The Sicilian craft of coffee roasting, which has been passed down for generations, is done slowly and with meticulous care. The coffees are made from 100% high-grade Arabica beans and are roasted fresh using a recipe that is now digitally profiled and controlled under soft, infrared heat. This process allows consistency and quality. The coffees are packed in black foil bags, which resist sunlight and extreme temperatures, sealing in freshness and lengthening product life. They also feature a convenient zip-loc top, and when opened, the intense coffee aromas are released.

The coffee line includes three fresh roasted Sicilian style coffees:

BUON GIORNO is a robust “wake-up” blend of Sicilian style fresh-roasted whole espresso beans. This traditional espresso bean is long on flavor and as smooth as the Mediterranean. It is rich and flavorful on its own, but also great when folded into milk or cocoa.

LA FAMIGLIA is an everyday family blend of fresh-roasted Sicilian style ground coffee. This post blended coffee is rich in flavor, with marked depth, roasted full city medium dark, similar with the flavors of Sicily.

The third coffee, CAFFE EARTH, is a Rainforest Alliance Certified organic ground coffee, also fresh-roasted in the Sicilian-style. These beans are cultivated from sustainable and eco-friendly coffee farms, satisfying the daily indulgence for which the Sicilian heritage most proudly stakes its claim, and with an added awareness for the environment.

Founded in 2000 and based in Los Angeles, THATS A NICE! products can be purchased online 24/7, as well as at fine gourmet stores and markets from Beverly Hills to New York City. Of particular interest to readers of this newsletter, they also offer a Coffee Break Club membership that will make monthly auto-deliveries to your home or office.

- Steaz Teas -
Soda's Best Alternative

“We have made it our life’s work to bring healthy beverage alternatives to the world.” This is the sentiment and commitment of Eric Schnell and Steve Kessler, founders of The Healthy Beverage Company.

Headquartered in Newtown, PA, The Healthy Beverage Company produces Steaz®, the world’s first USDA certified organic and fair trade energy drink and sparkling green tea. Cleverly combining “soda” and “teas” to create “Steaz”, Schnell and Kessler were on a mission to transform what they loved about soda into a satisfying yet healthier beverage, one that supported a healthier lifestyle. “We have searched the world over, from the sun drenched fields of Florida to the fog shrouded, mystical mountains of Sri Lanka to find the purest ingredients that set our beverage apart,” said Schnell. The result is a line of beverages that are good for you and most importantly taste great.

Both the Steaz sparkling green teas and Steaz energy beverages are healthy—containing the benefits of a full cup of green tea in every bottle or can. They are 100% micro-brewed from the finest Fair Trade Certified and organic Ceylon green tea. Steaz also uses organically grown cane juice to guarantee that no harmful chemicals are introduced prior to production. All manufacturing takes place in a 100 year-old brewery (located deep in the mountains of Pennsylvania) that has its manufacturing processes certified organic based upon strict USDA and QAI standards.

Steaz Sparkling Green Teas
Steaz sparkling green teas offer a healthy, satisfying, and refreshing alternative to soda. Available in a variety of flavors including healthier twists on standards like root beer, ginger ale, orange, and cola. Key lime and grape are also offered. In the Coffee And Tea Newsletter “test kitchen” we were amazed at the superior taste of the diet flavors—raspberry, blueberry-pomegranate, black cherry, and our favorite, orange. The diet varieties were flavorful and satisfying without any aftertaste whatsoever. Low calorie and low sugar, yet they received high marks for taste.

Steaz® Energy™
The natural boost in Steaz Energy comes from four quality ingredients: organic Fair Trade Certified Ceylon green tea, organic Guayaki yerba mate, organic Sambazon Acai, and organic Guarana. Steaz Energy has a wonderfully light flavor and just the right amount of carbonation. Select from Berry, Diet Berry, Lime, or Orange.

In the fall of 2007, The Healthy Beverage Company was selected to receive the 2007 Socially Responsible Business Award, one of the natural products industry’s most prestigious honors. The company’s founders were chosen in recognition of their company’s socially responsible business practices which include supporting sustainable organic farming and strict observation of fair trade standards in their sourcing of Ceylon green tea from Sri Lanka and acai fruit and other organic ingredients from the Brazilian rainforests.

BevNET selected Steaz Energy as best energy drink of 2007. The Healthy Beverage Company has also been a great pioneer in the fight against childhood obesity as it works with schools across the country through the launch of the Steaz® Healthy Schools Initiative™ in early 2008. Steaz® Decaffeinated Sparkling Green Teas in cans have received USDA approval for use in School Nutrition Programs.

Thanks to their concern for the global community, celebrities and leaders from around the world are joining together to help raise funds for social betterment programs in Sri Lanka through the “We CAN Make A Difference Campaign” sponsored by Steaz. Their signatures on the new Steaz Energy cans are being auctioned on the Steaz website to raise funds for these worthy programs. Find out more at


- Now, No Need to Knead -
Scrumptious & Simple Scones From Lisa’s Kitchen

Traditional or with a tasty twist, entrepreneur Lisa Jacoby has created delicious gourmet English scone mixes—mixes even the newbie baker can prepare and present with pride.

Using only the finest quality ingredients, all the scone mixes are prepared fresh daily, in small batches made by hand. You’ll find deep red cherries in the White Chocolate Cherry mix, whole cranberries in the Cranberry Oat mix, and a generous amount of currants in English Currant mix. Other scone mix varieties include: Chocolate Chip, Toffee, Blueberry, White Chocolate, Cherry Oat, and Plain. All you need to do is add cream, stir, bake, and enjoy.

According to Lisa, the scones freeze beautifully and can keep for several weeks. But whom are we kidding? The Cherry Oat scones lasted for all but a minute in the Coffee And Tea Newsletter “test kitchen” and received great reviews.

Great for breakfast or afternoon tea, these scones are easy to make and will satisfy every time. Available in nine delicious varieties for $7.00 each (13.5 oz. package) or bundled together for a variety pack of nine for $57, each mix will yield 8 to 12 scones (Plain yields 12 to 18 scones). To order for yourself or as a gift visit

- I-Tea Wands -
Taste The Magic

Convenient and delicious, I-Tea wands are pencil-shaped, disposable, high-tech tea diffusers. They have a built-in mechanical filtration system that keeps the bitter components in the wand while releasing the essence that produces a richly flavored, lavishly fragrant brew. This cutting-edge, revolutionary design eliminates the need for teaspoons and minimized dripping.

Making I-Tea is as easy as 1-2-3!
1. Dip the I-Tea wand in a cup of boiling water.
2. Stir to desired concentration.
3. Remove I-Tea wand and enjoy a delicious cup of premium Ceylon tea.

Don’t let the easy of brewing mislead you to think that you have to sacrifice quality for convenience. I-Tea Wands are filled with only the finest Single Estate Premium Ceylon Tea from Sri Lanka packed at the point of origin. Visit for more information. Watch for the three new flavors coming this fall.


- XXX Coffee -

Organic, Fair Trade, and shade grown, this dark roast is certain to deliver a cup of pure pleasure. XXX is an uncommonly complex, rich and spicy Indonesian blend with an emphasis on Ethiopia Yirgacheffe’s smooth mellow, slightly floral flavor and the dark chocolate essence of East Timor. This rich bodied coffee has a sweet citrusy fragrance with a soft medium acidity. Visit to order or to find out more.


Looking for great gift ideas? Check out the exceptionally groovy coffee and tea gift baskets at


- And The Winners Are... -

David H., New York, NY

Joyce D., Sun City, CA

Shar D., Dell Rapids, SD

Maria O., Hackensack, NJ

Sue B., Morehead City, NC


Congratulations to the recipients of last month’s Lucky Reader Giveaway! Each has received a free autographed copy of Beverly Rorem’s book, Passion For Tea.

If you would like information about Passion For Tea, visit

Watch for more great giveaways in upcoming issues of the Coffee And Tea Newsletter….


- Save The Date for 2009! -
4th Annual Coffee & Tea Festival: April 18-19, 2009

coffee and tea festivalMark your calendars and join us next year, April 18-19, 2009 for the 4th Annual Coffee & Tea Festival: NYC!

For exhibitor information & booth reservations, contact



2009 Exhibitor Info Now Available




- Coming Next Month -

- Coffee and Tea Infused Chocolates
- French Presses

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