Coffee and Tea Newsletter: June 2010
coffee and tea festival
coffee and tea festival

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Melitta Café Collection
The Flavor, Quality and Taste of
Europe in Every Cup

Melitta’s Café Collection, a line of premium bagged coffee brings the European café experience into the American coffee lover’s home. The new line is the highest quality taste at a price so special that Café Collection can be enjoyed everyday. Suggested retail price for an 11-ounce bag (10-ounce for decaf) is $6.99.

Melitta is sourcing the world’s top beans for the Café Collection—high-grown Arabica beans, which are the top 2% of the worldwide Arabica harvest, from growers in Kenya, Sumatra and Central and South America. Batch roasted at Melitta’s own roasting facility, the beans are then ground extra fine to release their full essence. The Café Collection is the only major everyday coffee line that is exclusively available as an extra fine grind, another indicator of its exceptional flavor and value.

The six varieties in the line represent top consumer preferences: dark and medium roasts, a decaf option, two flavored coffees and a unique blend of dark and light roasts, all available in both the extra fine grind and whole bean. The varieties, whose names are inspired by Europe's café culture, are:

  • Vienna Roast - a dark roast with a deep, intense flavor and smooth, velvety finish • Blanc et Noir - an exotic harmony of dark and light roasts that is rich with a deep finish
  • Classique Supreme - a medium roast that is delightfully smooth and balanced • Parisian Vanilla - a rich and creamy vanilla flavor with a smooth and delicately sweet finish
  • Hazelnut Crème Brulée - a sweet caramel and rich vanilla coffee infused with the flavor of wild hazelnuts
  • Riviéra Sunset - naturally decaffeinated using the Swiss water process. It is full bodied with a distinctly rich and smooth flavor.

In the Coffee And Tea Newsletter “test kitchen” we recently tried them all. “With such a variety of options, it is no wonder that we couldn’t pick a favorite from among the bunch,” said Lynda Calimano, Publisher/Editor-In-Chief of the Coffee and Tea Newsletter. “Those who enjoy flavored coffee raved about the Parisian Vanilla, while others fancied the Blanc et Noir as their favorite. We did all agree that the collection as a whole really delivered on the promise of quality and taste,” she added.

Package labels for the Melitta Café Collection also reflect the company's European heritage. The designs, one unique to each variety, recall the romantic era of European travel and discovery using a style reminiscent of vintage travel posters from the early 20th century. The visual imagery conveys the coffee as the transport to a great destination.


Goof-Proof Iced Tea
Help from the Tea Sommelier at

We’re talking gourmet,home-brewed iced tea, just perfect for summer. With the help of Chris Cason, the Tea Sommelier at Tavalon, you can now create perfect iced tea athome with pre-measured tea sachets. No more mess or measuring, the pre-packaged perfectly portioned tea sachets make enough tea to fill your 2qt. container. 5 sachet bulk bags (each makes 2 qts.) $16.

Pick your favorite:

  • Crimson Punch: A sugar free, tangy fruit blend with blood orange, apple, cranberry. cherry and hibiscus flowers.
  • NYC Breakfast: Bright, peppery, malty…A hearty blend of the world's best black teas from India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia created for the New Yorker palate.
  • Peachy Oolong: A deep, dark Formosa Oolong tea from Taiwan sweetened with peach pieces and sunflowers.
  • Serenity: A relaxing caffeine-free herbal blend consisting of chamomile, peppermint, lemongrass, rooibos and vanilla.
  • Summer Fruits: the health benefits of green tea combine with a soft fruit flavor for an instant classic.
  • Tropical Peony: A fun, flavorful Pai Mu Tan white tea with the tropical overtones of pineapple bits, coconut shavings & rose petal.


Homemade Sweet Tea Vodka
Recipe Courtesy of Chris Cason, Tavalon

• 1 quart vodka (recommended: TRU)

• 1 1/2 cups simple syrup

• 1/4 cup Tavalon’s NYC Breakfast Tea, loose

Combine all ingredients in a sealed container and shake well to thoroughly mix. Allow to “steep” for 45 minutes, shaking occasionally. Strain. Best served chilled.

This is good by itself, but also mixes well. For example, a 1:1 ratio of tea-vodka to fresh-squeezed lemonade makes a mean Spiked Arnold (named after the golfer Arnold Palmer who created the non-alcoholic version).


Starbucks® Natural Fusions
Coffee and Natural Ingredients
Together in Perfect Harmony

For nearly 40 years, Starbucks has been providing innovative hand-crafted and packaged products that fulfill evolving tastes. It is with this same artful attention to detail that the company has created its latest innovation in packaged coffee – Starbucks® Natural Fusions, the first nationally-branded naturally-flavored packaged coffee made with real ingredients blended right in.

Available in vanilla, caramel and cinnamon, Starbucks® Natural Fusions starts with Starbucks high-quality Arabica coffee that is blended and roasted to perfection for a flavored coffee experience unlike any other. Available beginning in June 2010 only in the coffee aisle where consumers buy groceries, Starbucks® Natural Fusions delivers the coffee taste consumers have come to expect from a cup of Starbucks® coffee with the perfect accent of flavor. Crafted to be enjoyed black or with cream and sugar.

Starbucks® Natural Fusions Vanilla perfectly blends the subtle taste and indulgent aroma of vanilla with the delicious, rich flavor of Starbucks® coffee. Pairing real vanilla and other natural flavors with a specially blended and roasted Latin American coffee results in a naturally decadent cup. Available ground in 11 oz. packages for the suggested retail price of $8.99 in the coffee aisle where consumers buy groceries in the U.S.

Ingredients: ground coffee, natural flavor (with corn maltodextrin, vegetable glycerin), ground vanilla beans, Indian sarsaparilla root.

At high temperatures, sugar caramelizes and transforms into a rich confection that’s incredible with coffee. Inspired by this delicious treat, Starbucks paired the light, buttery flavor of caramel with Latin American beans, dark-roasted to perfection to create Starbucks® Natural Fusions Caramel. This enticing offering provides a subtle touch of sweet to couple with the bold, roasty flavor of Starbucks® coffee. Available ground in 11 oz. packages for the suggested retail price of $8.99 in the coffee aisle where consumers buy groceries in the U.S.

Ingredients: ground coffee, natural flavor (with corn maltodextrin, butter [milk]), licorice root, dehydrated orange peel, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg.

Starbucks® Natural Fusions Cinnamon combines the full, spicy aroma and taste of cinnamon with the rich flavor of dark-roasted Starbucks® coffee. A combination of coffee artistry and culinary insight, the sweet, roasty tones of this medium-bodied Latin American coffee perfectly balance the intensity of this popular spice. Available ground in 11 oz. packages for the suggested retail price of $8.99 in the coffee aisle where consumers buy groceries in the U.S.

Ingredients: ground coffee, natural flavor, cinnamon, dried orange peel, ground nutmeg, Indian sarsaparilla root


Katy Potts
Utterly English Teaware

From waiting lists for reservations at London’s top hotels to newly formed clubs dedicated to this time honored English tradition, Afternoon Tea is not just enjoying a renaissance but fast becoming one of the most fashionable gastronomic and social pastimes!

Just as important as the blend of tea and choice of finger sandwiches, scones and cake, the type of teaware used is an intrinsic part of the ritual. The traditional vintage teaware with its vibrant colors, patterns and innovative shapes…it is here that Katy Potts Utterly English Teaware pulls inspiration.

Made by skilled craftsmen from a handful of family run businesses, each teapot is rich in color and features detailing such as banding, enameling and gilding with 22 and 24 carat gold. The luxurious ‘Octavia’ is a traditionally round shape and uses 24 carat gold on the spout and handle. The hand enameled delicate dots surround a gold daisy print, over a pale turquoise, black, pale lemon or cream base. Skilled color banding has been applied to accentuate the clean lines of the art deco shape of ‘Flora Dora’. Its milky white bone china base has been adorned with colorful hollyhocks surrounded by hand enameled butterflies and insects.

To match the special quality of the teapots and ensure their safe carriage each one will be beautifully presented in a stitched black hat box with a rose patterned interior and held secure in a foam mold. Prices vary.


Jade Tea Ring

What is it? A treat for the eye and the palate, jade ring tea is a beautiful handmade artisan tea. Jade green tea leaves are wrapped around a rod shaping them into rings which, when brewed, unravel into a full slender leaf. The tea yields a delicate yet robust jasmine flavor. This tea is also known as nu er huan – little girl rings.

How is it made? The rings are made by rolling the rich jade green leaves around rods. Once the rings are formed, the tea is then separated into mesh trays and placed in a heated drier. In between each tray of tea rings, a mesh tray of freshly picked jasmine flowers is placed. The drier gently blows warm air through the tea and the blossoms, allowing the tea to gently absorb the scent of the flowers. In the morning the trays are removed, and the process repeated for up to 6 nights. The rings are then re-fired to remove any moisture absorbed from the blossoms.

How to brew?

  • Start with your favorite spring or filtered water. Heat the water to between 160 F and 180 F.
  • Use a teaspoon (3g) for a 6oz serving. Please note, for denser teas this is about 1 teaspoon; for larger-leaf teas this could be up to 2 tablespoons.
  • Steep for 1-3 minutes. Experiment with steeping times, amount of tea and water temperature to personalize your tea experience. Rely on taste, not color. Lengthen subsequent steeping times for additional infusions.
Where to purchase? This tea can be purchased at local specialty teashops and online sellers. Prices vary.

Just Coffee Art

Andrew Saur and Angel Sarkela-Saur have been painting with coffee for several years now. It all started one summer when they planned their first art show in a coffee house in Duluth, Minnesota. They wanted to come up with something unique and creative. Since their show was going to take place in a coffee house, they thought it would be appropriate to use coffee as their medium. They tried several techniques, such as using the coffee bean to sketch with and making pastels out of coffee grounds. These techniques were not successful. So they finally decided to use the coffee as a watercolor. The watercolor technique was the most effective way the artists found to use. They first sketch out an idea, then start brewing a really strong pot of coffee that is really dark and thick! From there, water is added to gain the subtle tones of brown. Finally, a clear coat of acrylic is added to preserve the art and a painting of delicate beauty is finished.

There are many items on display at Prices vary. Definitely worth a visit to the website to view the gallery of work by these talented artists.

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