Coffee and Tea Newsletter: March 2011
coffee and tea festival
coffee and tea festival

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BUNN® Brings Coffee Home –
One Cup At A Time
My Café® Single Serve At Home
Pod Brewing System

Bunn-O-Matic Corporation (BUNN), with over 50 years of experience innovating coffee brewing equipment, presented the new BUNN My Café® for Home at the 2011 International Home and Housewares Show held earlier this month in Chicago, IL. This new single serve brewing system uses coffee and tea pods, to produce an aroma rich, fresh brewed cup in less than a minute.

Many believe that My Café for Home will be the next big thing in the high growth single serve coffee segment. With My Café, you can experience fresh coffee aroma even before the brewing begins which is not possible with plastic cups. By combining quality pods with BUNN brewing technology, fresh and authentic coffee and tea flavor is extracted in less than a minute. Also, the open soft pod platform encourages small and large roasters alike to produce pods, and there are already hundreds of coffee and tea pods available on the market. Plus, pods are better for the environment because they have less packaging than other single serve formats and are compostable.

“The introduction of My Café deepens BUNN’s commitment to the single serve market,” says Aimee Markelz Tracy, Senior Vice President, BUNN At Home Division. “My Café technology using pods gives coffee lovers a more authentic coffee experience – by enjoying the aroma of great coffee before the brew and extracting bolder coffee flavor for a better taste.”

My Café is being shipped with a variety of specialty coffee and tea brands including Barnie's Coffee & Tea, Baronet Coffee Roasters, Community Coffee, Donut Shop, Organa Certified Organic Teas, Red Diamond’s City Steam Coffee & Silver Service Tea, Reunion Island Coffee, Sweet Unity Farms, Terra Leaf and Wolfgang Puck Coffee.

For more information, visit


Hangover Helping Green Tea From San Francisco’s Vital Tea Leaf

Curing a hangover has never tasted so good. Vital Tea Leaf, the popular San Francisco tea bar, offers hangover help with their Blue People Ginseng Oolong Tea. The premium tea relieves uncomfortable hangovers with its blend of green tea antioxidants and ginseng. Blue People Ginseng Oolong is one of Vital Tea Leaf’s best selling and best tasting natural energy drinks.

“The gang had gone to SF for a weekend of debauchery and by Saturday morning, it had caught up to me,” said Vital Tea Leaf customer Ted G. “By the time I left [Vital Tea Leaf], the hangover had settled to a dull roar and I have been drinking tea every day since. By the way, there is absolutely no pressure to buy anything here. Many people came, drank, and left without paying a dime. The proprietors are equally friendly to all.”

Vital Tea Leaf’s Blue People Ginseng Oolong tea is high mountain green tea blend with ginseng powder from Taiwan. It carries a very strong sweet aftertaste, and is very aromatic and mellow. Along with relieving hangovers, the tea is used for increasing energy and focus. The tea is fermented and coated with high quality ginseng powder, making it an excellent way to kick start a morning.

Vital Tea Leaf owner Ming explained that green tea also contains many medicinal properties. The tea can be used to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, help diabetes, and to detox the body. Vital Tea Leaf offers Blue People Ginseng Oolong tea both in store and online at $30 per four ounces. Taking a “leaf” out of the wine bar book, Vital Tea offers a pleasing setting, complimentary tastings and knowledgeable staff to make medicinal recommendations. Sipping green tea in San Francisco has never tasted (or felt) better.

For more information about Blue People Ginseng Oolong tea or any of Vital Tea Leaf’s products, visit them on the web at


Deliciously Dunkable:
Cookie Couture

Inspired by a shared love of cooking, Cookie Couture, a family run online bakery has recently launched in Miami, Florida. Cookie Couture was founded by Ana Toledo and her two daughters, Jael and Cindy, after the trio joined forces in an effort to create a product that both united them and satisfied an entrepreneurial urge.

“As a child, my mother brought me up with an emphasis on family and charity. Starting this business together was an opportunity for those two things to co-exist in an impactful way,” says Jael, a behaviorist for children with autism and special disabilities. Her sister Cindy will be entering medical school shortly.

Cookie Couture’s melt-in-your-mouth butter cookies are hand-made and free of additives and artificial flavors. Stuffings include Nutella, Guava, and Dulce de Leche! Ten percent of every sale is added to a fund which contributes to several different charities. This offers consumers a way to give and get something for your donation.

The food-safe film used on all of the boxes is not your typical petroleum-based plastic. It is safe for the environment because it is a cellulose-based product made from plants.

To order or to find out more, visit


Coffee Beers: Catch the Buzz

It was only a matter of time before someone came up with the idea of mixing two of the world’s favorite beverages together, beer and coffee. One of the emerging trends in the beer industry is brewing beer with coffee. Some of the country’s best known micro breweries are creating some exceptional stouts and porters sourcing coffee from local coffee roasters.

Let’s go to Brooklyn where Sixpoint Craft Ales brew Gorilla Warfare Coffee Porter. Sixpoint uses locally roasted beans from Park Slope’s own Gorilla Coffee. Travelling north to Pleasantville, NY, you’ll find Captain Lawrence Brewing Company where brewmaster and owner Scott Vaccaro uses espresso beans from the local Black Cow Coffee Company in Croton-on-Hudson for their Espresso Stout. If you want to try this beer you will either have to go to one of your local craft beer watering holes to get it on draft or straight to the brewery, “it is worth the trip” says Joe Chierchie, beer enthusiast and beer columnist.

Expanding the search nationally, you’ll find Goose Island Beer Company out of Chicago who created their Bourbon County Coffee Stout, a sought-after and seasonal offering. They partner up with Intelligentsia out of Chicago and their Black Cat Espresso beans add layers to the flavor of the beer. These beers are available in 12 and 22 oz. bottles. Not to be outdone, Lagunitas Brewing Company out of Petaluma, California offers a Cappuccino Stout—a big, dark Imperial-esque stout brewed with plenty of dark malts, roasted barley and loads of Sebastopol’s Hardcore Coffee for even bigger roasted flavor.

“If you wake up at noon and you can’t decide if you want a coffee or beer now you have your answer,” joked Chierchie.


Better than Sex Tea
Big Hit at Coffee & Tea Festival NYC

One might say that 7WEST, home to the 6th annual Coffee & Tea Festival NYC, was really buzzing last month. Was it because the festival attendees were hyped-up on caffeine from sampling too many different coffees and teas? Or was it because of the Better Than Sex tea samples being poured by Tay Tea? Or both?

What is “better than sex” tea? It is a Rooibos blend with organic farm-grown peppermint, marigold petals, and bits of Belgian dark chocolate. Delightful as a dessert tea, this tea is 100% caffeine free and packed with 50 times more anti-oxidants than Green Tea. It was created by artisanal tea blender Nini Ordoubadi of Tay Tea. “Better Than Sex was the most requested sample at my booth,” said Ordoubadi. People are drawn in by the name and then get hooked on the taste. Totally satisfying and uniquely delicious, the taste of this tea is almost mystical, some might say magical. Nini takes the time to get the blending just right to create a wonderful and satisfying sensation in every cup. tay tea

TAY, the oldest word for tea in Chinese, is a company that specializes in creating an exclusive line of hand-blended artisanal teas. Founded by tea blender Nini Ordoubadi in 2003, this New York-based company only uses ingredients that are 100% natural, organic or wild-crafted. Many of the herbs and botanicals that are used to blend the teas are grown on Nini’s organic farm in upstate New York. “My tea blends are complex and layered. Some have as many as fourteen elements" said Ordoubadi. TAY’s signature teas enhance any lifestyle and invite one to embark on the timeless ritual of drinking tea.

Check out the beautiful collection of teas at While there you’ll find another best-seller, Persian Rose (Nini’s signature tea, her first blend, and her personal favorite—shown above.)

This tea is an absolute must for anyone in love with black tea and roses. A nostalgic blend of ceylon bergamot-scented tea blended with organic rose petals and rosebuds, green cardamom and borage. It is a perfect afternoon tea.


Bakesale for Japan:
The Sweetest Way to Donate

Have a craving to help out Japan? and Bakesale for Japan have made it deliciously easy to be a part of the relief effort. On April 2nd, from 10 AM until 2 PM, 25% of all purchases from will be donated to Peace Winds Japan. Show your support by giving into your sweet tooth and join this nationwide effort!

Bakesale for Japan is a simultaneous national bakesale hosted at bakeries and restaurants across the country. A portion of the proceeds from all purchases made between 10 AM to 2 PM this Saturday will be donated to Peace Winds Japan, a Non-Governmental Organization focused on helping people in distress, threatened by conflict, poverty or natural disaster. joins more than 40 other bakeries in the effort to raise money for Japan. Their signature Japan Logo cookies can be purchased online and shipped anywhere in the United States, allowing you to aid Japan from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to wait until Saturday to order these special cookies. From now through April 30th, will be donating 25% of the sales of their Japan Logo cookies to the Bakesale for Japan effort.

Last year, Bakesale raised $23,000 at their Bakesale for Haiti. Participate now to help make Bakesale for Japan even more successful. For additional information about Bakesale for Japan and a complete list of participating locations, please visit

Stephen Pazyra started in 2004, to offer baked goods with a commitment to quality, creativity, and freshness for those who were miles away from home. Their freshness is 100% guaranteed. When you place an order at it goes straight from the baker to your doorstep. Treat yourself or find a unique gift for someone you love. No matter what you select, promises you will be satisfied beyond your wildest dreams.


7th Annual Coffee & Tea Festival: February 2012

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