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- Omoma Coffee -
It's All About the Beans

El Salvador offers the three key ingredients necessary for making, what many would call, the best cup of coffee in the world: high altitude, rich volcanic soil, and a climate that is the perfect combination of rain and sun. For more than 50 years, Omoma Coffee, a company rich in family tradition and excellence in coffee production, has enjoyed well-deserved recognition for their superior coffee.

Based in El Salvador, Omoma Coffee achieved much international success while supplying its green beans to some of the largest coffee companies in the world, including Illy and Nestle Europe. In early 2006, with the palate of the US market primed with sophistication, a sales and distribution division was launched in the United States. With family members at the helm, Omoma Coffee’s US presence was now under the direction of the newly formed Araten-Castillo Distribution, LLC.

“People in the US were ready,” said Jennifer Araten-Castillo, Co-Owner of Omoma Coffee’s US distributor. “They were educated about coffee, they had refined tastes, and they were excited to try different coffees from different regions of the world. Coffee lovers were treating coffee like wine. The time was right,” she added.

The right combination of climate and volcanic earth will undoubtedly breed a high quality coffee, but what makes Omoma Coffee so superior? Clearly, it is the special, indigenous hybrid beans called Pacamara that makes Omoma Coffee so outstanding.

Derived from a hybrid Arábica coffee tree developed by the Salvadorean Coffee Research Institute (ISIC) in the late 1950s, Pacamara beans produce a superior coffee. This special and rare coffee bean is a unique marriage of the famous "Maragogype" Arábica and "Pacas", a Salvadorean high yielding mutation of the Arábica hybrid "San Ramón Bourbon". Discovered in 1956 by two of the most prominent coffee producers of El Salvador, Don Alberto Pacas and Don Francisco De Sola with the help of Dr. William Cogwill of the University of Florida, the world famous Pacamara (strictly high grown) bean is the staple of Omoma Coffee's blend. Known for its bold yet well-balanced flavor, Omoma proudly offered the US market the first roasted version of the Pacamara beans and received immediate attention from coffee lovers around the country.

The meaning of the word omoma can be traced back to a time in El Salvador’s history that pre-dates the Spanish conquest. Omoma is a native word derived from the Lenca Tribe, one of the native Indian cultures that lived in Central America. History reports that the name Omoma was given to the Lenca settlement, a settlement situated on the Cacahuatique Mountain and governed by a tribal leader named Omomatzitl. When the Spanish arrived they renamed the Empire of Omoma to Ciudad Barrios honoring the Spanish General Gerardo Barrios who brought coffee plants to the land in 1835 and built the first coffee mill in El Salvador. More than 50 years ago, the Portillo family named their fincas (coffee plantations) Omoma, a name which honors the cultural significance of the land and the history of its people.

Today, the family business has grown and expanded but not at the expense of quality. Omoma Coffee proudly offers the US market their outstanding coffee in three varieties:

American (Medium) – robust and well-balanced roast, the perfect blend to please even the most discerning taste buds.
European (Dark) – a rich full-bodied yet smooth coffee – the company’s bestseller.
Espresso – the ultimate in decadence, rich taste with a depth of flavors.

Modestly priced at $12.99 for a one-pound bag ($7.49 for a half-pound bag), the 100% Arabica coffee is offered whole bean or ground. Omoma Coffee is grown, picked, roasted and packaged in El Salvador adhering to the same high production standards that resulted in international acclaim. Omoma Coffee is distributed in the US by Araten-Castillo Distribution, LLC.

For a limited time, you can get free shipping on orders over $35. Gift baskets and gift certificates are also available online.

- ZEN™ And the Art of the -
Sophisticated Cocktail

As cultural influences from Asia continue to influence Western palates and the cocktail culture expands to include exotic herbs and interesting new flavors, a distinctive, new spirit is making its mark. ZEN™ Green Tea Liqueur, a unique blend of the finest Japanese green tea leaves, premium herbs and natural flavors is the first super-premium green tea liqueur ever introduced in America.

The fresh and original taste of ZEN Green Tea Liqueur, which is primarily derived from the ceremonial Japanese Green Tea, results from the use of the finest ingredients available. The perfection of the final product is the result of time-honored Japanese traditions of quality and craftsmanship combined with a modern sense of elegance and style.

ZEN is primed to meet the growing demand of today’s sophisticated cocktail culture –consumers who have enjoyed a few cosmos or apple martinis but are searching for the next cool cocktail concoction. ZEN draws you in with its distinctive green color, unique flavor and pleasing aroma that stands up well chilled straight, on the rocks, or mixed. With an alcohol content of 20 percent, ZEN Green Tea Liqueur is light and refreshing. Some of New York City’s top bartenders have developed ZEN cocktail recipes, included among them: the ZENtini (a twist on the martini) and the ZENito (a twist on the mojito).

ZEN uses carefully selected Kyoto green tea leaves of the highest grade grown by one of the most famous producers of fine teas in Japan, Marukyu-Koyama-En, which has been cultivating tea for more than 300 years. Infusing neutral spirits with whole and ground green tea leaves, ZEN is then blended with lemongrass and other herbs and natural flavors according to a propriety recipe to achieve its unique flavor.

The introduction of ZEN marks the creation of a new spirits category in the U.S. “Green tea is one of the fastest-growing drinks in America today,” said Shin Adachi, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Suntory International Corp. In recent years, green tea has crossed over from “Asian specialty” to the mainstream, with green tea products from soft drinks and ice cream to chewing gum. Suntory has already been marketing several green tea liqueurs in Japan, but developed ZEN especially for the U.S. market and tailored it to suit the American palate.

ZEN is stylishly packaged in a tall, elegant 750ml bottles priced at around $29.99. For more information and more great recipes visit:


- Coffee Growers Alliance -
Great Coffee Traded Fairly

Perhaps, in an effort to match their willingness to pay a premium price for superior quality coffee, many of today’s discerning coffee drinkers also want to know their coffee’s country of origin—some going as far as inquiring about a particular region or grower’s co-op. These consumers are also inquiring about and insisting on fair trade coffee.

Fair Trade, as defined by the Fair Trade Federation, is a system of exchange that seeks to create greater equity and partnership in the international trading system by paying fair wages in local context; supporting participatory workplaces; ensuring environmental sustainability; supplying financial and technical support; offering public accountability, respecting cultural identity; building direct and long-term relationships; and educating consumers.

“From the coffee grower’s side of the business, great strides are being made,” said Martin Kabaki, VP Operations at the Coffee Growers Alliance Company. “The growers are getting to visit foreign markets where their coffee is sold, attend global coffee conferences, visit coffee roasting plants to observe how their coffee is roasted, and meet the end consumer. They are also learning about fluctuations of the coffee commodity,” he added. “In Uganda, for example, commodity fluctuations are relayed from the New York Board of Trade to the growers who had, until recently, been secluded within the fence posts of their coffee farms” said Kabaki.

Mr. Kabaki often relays this story in strong support of the Coffee Growers Alliance Company (Jacksonville, FL), a company he helped form in 2004. “A group of coffee growers from Kenya came to Seattle, WA for a coffee conference and quickly noticed that a pound of Kenya AA, a product of their own farm, was selling for $16.00 a pound. After some quick math and some currency conversion, they realized that when they deliver the same one pound of coffee to their local processing mill they got paid a measly 16 cents!”

The group from Kenya realized that the only way to cut off the middlemen would be to attempt to gain full control, where possible, of their crop from “seed to cup”. This is the platform on which the Coffee Growers Alliance Company ( was built. This unique company is registered in the USA as a female and minority owned company and is managed by actual coffee growers from Kenya.

Growers Alliance Coffee Company is owned by a co-op of the actual coffee growers who supply coffee to the US. This unique situation offers benefits to both the coffee farmers and the end-consumers.

Farmers get financial reward: For every bag that the Coffee Growers Alliance sells, part of the profit is donated back directly to the coffee growers. These finances will help to improve the farmers’ standard of living and to help fund improvement projects, including plumbing, electricity, and housing.

Consumers get superior coffee: The Coffee Growers Alliance Company will only sell straight origin (unblended), gourmet quality coffee making certain that the coffee experience represents the true aroma and taste of the particular country of origin.

Currently, the Alliance offers coffee from Kenya, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. Plans are moving forward to expand the current offerings to include coffee from Papua New Guinea, El Salvador, Rwanda, Malawi, Indonesia, and other exciting lands. The Growers Alliance Coffee Company also has preliminary plans to open a coffeehouse chain where the shareholders will be coffee growers. Most of the coffees are sold through their online store at The coffee is sold online in 12oz bags (ground or bean) for $9.99.

-Francine Segan's World of Tasting-
Honey: History and Gourmet Tasting

Join food historian and expert Francine Segan as she journeys through the delicious past and present of our favorite foods! Programs include rich histories and delicious tastings.

Explore the fascinating history and many distinct flavors of honey in this unique tasting. Learn to differentiate the sublime flavors of a dozen types of honey, including French lavender, blueberry blossom, Hawaiian honey with tones of butterscotch and vanilla and the famed tupelo honey, which comes from a flower of southern Georgia.

Sharpen your palate and become a honey connoisseur! Space is limited. Reserved your spot today.


Date & Time: Wed, Jun 18, 2008, 7:00pm-8:30pm
Location: Lexington Avenue at 92nd Street
Code: T-LP5FW05-01
Price: $35.00

- Holy Cappuccino! -

Coffee drinkers have begun congregating at the cafe from heaven, where non-alcoholic drinks can be paid for with a prayer.

At the newly opened Jedro Café in the capital city of Zagreb, Croatia, patrons need only to say four Our Fathers for a cappuccino or five Hail Marys for a cola. The shop is run and financed by local parish authorities in Zagreb's Jarun district. “We started with five tables but so many people came that we are already up to 20,” said a spokesman for the Café.


- Save The Date for 2009! -
4th Annual Coffee & Tea Festival: April 18-19, 2009

coffee and tea festivalMark your calendars and join us next year, April 18-19, 2009 for the 4th Annual Coffee & Tea Festival: NYC!

For exhibitor information & booth reservations, contact


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