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Dr. Drip Coffee
Perfectly Portable

Founded by the father and son team, Mark and Jesse Gordon, the Gordon Grade Coffee company was born out of a love of brewed coffee and a head for business. By combining their backgrounds, industry know-how and adding a dash of innovation, Dr. Drip came to life. With the development of their simple, single cup brewing system and eliminating the need for expensive equipment “we believe we have just what the Doctor ordered, an earth friendly, portable single serving brewing system that delivers a delicious cup of 100% Arabica coffee with just eight ounces of hot water,” said Jesse Gordon.

With Dr. Drip your discards are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Moreover, the filters and grounds of Dr. Drip can also be composted with ease. Whether you are at the office, traveling or just in the mood for instant coffee (without the instant taste) tear open a packet and let the intoxicating aroma that escapes from the pouch take you straight to your happy place. To make, simply perch the filter atop your favorite mug and slowly pour hot water over the grounds and watch as a steamy and delightful cup of coffee is prepared before your very eyes.

While Dr. Drip coffee does provide instant gratification, it bears no relation to “instant” coffee. Dr. Drip brews a rich, delicious cup of coffee available anytime, anywhere, but certainly not at any expense. Dr. Drip is currently “prescribing” these four 100% Arabica bean blends:

  • The Organic Tonic: A 100% USDA-Certified Organic blend
  • The Ultimate Pick Me-Up: A dark roasted Sumatra blend for the truly bold and brazen
  • The Double Daily Remedy: Our premium signature blend is the answer to all that ails you
  • The Decaf Energizer: Ain’t no misnomer and resounding proof that there’s more to love than just the caffeine buzz

Each package contains 5 single cup drip packs and sells for $8.99.

Come see the folks from Dr. Drip at the upcoming Coffee And Tea Festival NYC (Feb. 25-26, 2012). If you can’t wait (or want to pick up a Dr. Drip blend for a holiday gift for the coffee lover in your life) visit


SerendipiTea introduces the U.S.
to Guatemalan Tea

SerendipiTea, an artisanal NY-based operation established in 1995, known for its wide assortment of premium loose leaf tea & tisane, including an extensive variety of Organic & Fair Trade Certified, traditional & “creatively blended” options has a wonderful new offering from Guatemala.

The unique leaf from the Chirrepec Tea Cooperative in Coban has been grown in this region at approximately 4,300 feet above sea level since the late 19th century. While sipping the medium-bodied, smooth cup, one might contemplate the sacred caves located close to the tea gardens where Mayan rituals still take place. “This Guatemalan tea is medium-bodied, very smooth with gentle citrus notes which remind me of a good Ceylons”, said Linda Villano, owner of SerendipiTea. “We had been looking for a replacement for our Bolivian black tea which is no longer available and were approached by a representative for the Co-op at a perfect time.” After discussions and receiving various samples Villano selected a leaf and is very pleased to be offering this tea to tea lovers in the U.S. “It is exciting to discover premium grade tea from a part of the world that one doesn’t suspect, “ said Villano.

Guatemalan Black Tea will be available in bulk format for food service, as well as in SerendipiTea’s signature retail boxes. To make a purchase or to find out more, visit


Ellen Easton Interviews Hugh Jackman
Coffee, Tea, Chocolate and Hugh

©2011 All Rights Reserved

Currently starring in his record breaking one man show Hugh Jackman Back on Broadway at the Broadhurst Theatre, Tony Award winner, The Boy from Oz, Hugh Jackman, known worldwide for his multiple talents as an actor, singer extraordinaire and dancer, may be the "sexiest man alive" to some and the mega star of the X-Men Wolverine film series to others, but to those whose lives he is touching outside of the world of entertainment he may just be a real life hero.

Hugh Jackman is a man with a heart of gold and he is spinning his Midas touch to create jobs from Ethiopia to New York City with his new company Laughing Man—a philanthropic endeavor that will bring great pleasure to all who indulge in these delicious coffee, tea and chocolate products and to all who will reap the rewards as a result of the success of Laughing Man.

If Hugh's talent has touched your life and you'd like to reciprocate, I wholeheartedly support a Laughing Man gift this season to help Hugh reach his goals.

How did your interest, other than as a consumer, in coffee, tea and chocolate begin?
After a trip I took to Ethiopia in our capacity as ambassadors for world vision, my wife and I had the opportunity to meet and work with coffee farmers, and the idea of helping them out in a very direct way started from there.

When did you decide to turn your interest into a business venture for charitable causes?
I was inspired by the story of Paul Newman, and his philanthropic business...Paul Newman’s Own. When my friends and business partners, Barry and David Steingard, talked to me about the coffee business we knew it would be a great way to give back in so many ways. And I love all 3 products!

How did you meet your Laughing Man partner?
I have known my business partners Barry and David for 10 years now. I am a student at the school of Practical Philosophy, and have been for 20 years now. Barry is the head of the school here in NYC and is my tutor there.

What causes will Laughing Man be supporting and why?
We are starting with two major causes. Firstly, World Vision, as it was that trip to Ethiopia that really started this journey, and I have seen firsthand how great their work is. Secondly, we are big supporters of education. We will be working directly with the Harlem Village Academies, an incredible charter school.

How involved are you in choosing what blends will be produced for market? Do you taste test the products for final approval?
One of the great joys of being in a business like this is the tasting process; I love it! I am a huge lover of all our products.

With your busy schedule of family, musical stage and film, how do you find the time to take on such an endeavor and what passion drives your commitment to give back?
Family comes first. I suppose it is my work second, but the concept of service is one that we believe in, in all aspects of life. It is part of being in a real community, and I consider myself really fortunate to be able to do so with Laughing Man.

Do you have a personal favorite blend of coffee? Tea? Chocolate?
I love strong coffee...our espresso blend is my favorite. But I also love dark chocolate.

What message would you like the readers to take with them as per the LAUGHING MAN endeavour?
For the readers, I want them to know that our first priority is to make first class products -- fine coffee, tea, and chocolate. But know that the profits of what they are buying are going back to charity. It is a win-win. ENJOY!


Any winter survival kit would be incomplete without some creamy, rich hot chocolate. But do you know how to make hot chocolate like we do at 184 Duane Street? Here is a step by step process on how to make a great cup of hot chocolate.

* For one cup of hot chocolate
Step 1: Get your ingredients
:10 fl oz of milk. The higher the percentage of milk, the richer the drink will be.
:3 heaped teaspoons of Laughing Man Hot Chocolate

Step 2: Separate the milk
: Pour about 3/4 of your milk into a pan and keep the rest back in the mug.

Step 3: Create a Paste
: Add the 3 heaped teaspoons of hot chocolate powder to the mug with milk. Stir it into a smooth paste. If you’d like, add a dash of cinnamon for a warming flavor boost. Make sure you stir it in well.

Step 4: Heat Milk
: On medium heat, warm milk for about 3 minutes. When it’s hot, whisk until it’s frothy.

Step 5: Create Your Cup
Pour the hot milk back into the mug. Stir well.

Bonus: Grate a little milk chocolate on top of the drink to make it an extra indulgent treat. Serve.
(212) 680-1111
General Inquiries:


Celebrate the Spirit of the Holidays
with Gifts that Give Back

Give the gift that gives back! Here are just two of the many important coffee industry charities to consider this year at holiday time. For the person who has everything, why not give a gift that gives back? Here are just two of our favorites:

Coffee for Water is a specialty coffee company with a humanitarian mission: to provide safe drinking water in the coffee-growing regions of the world, where one in three people lacks access to clean water. By selling their coffee, they help those communities leverage their own resources to develop clean water projects and prevent waterborne diseases. Profits fund life-saving water purification projects in the countries where they buy their coffee beans. The proceeds from every 10 bags of coffee purchased from Coffee for Water™ will provide safe drinking water to a child for one year. To make a purchase, donate, or find out more, visit

Cup for Education’s mission is to help poor rural coffee communities of Central and Latin America build schools within their communities, and assist in providing them with teachers and the basic tools needed to educate the future generations of coffee farmers. Remember those back to school adventures shopping for your new spiral notebook, the perfect pencil case, or the coolest book covers? Well, in rural coffee communities, there are no pencils to put in those cases, nor books to cover. With help from Cup for Education they can have the materials needed to study hard, to create a better future, and improve their coffees and their communities. To find out more or to make a donation, visit


Lady Mendl's Tea Salon In NYC Kicks Off Its Holiday Tea Weeks With Exclusive Walkers Shortbread Tasting
Wednesday, December 14th
seatings at 12 noon---2:30 PM---5:00 PM

Gifts, Prizes and Special Lecture from Tea Authority/Author Ellen Easton Are Included in Special Event

Lady Mendl’s has named Walkers its “Official Shortbread” for the holiday season. New York City’s most famous tea salon will kick off its Holiday Tea Weeks with an exclusive Walkers Shortbread Tasting on Wednesday, December 14th at noon.

An elegant and fun holiday activity, the Walkers Tasting will make available a variety of Walkers cookies, offer a brief history of shortbread, inspirations for gift-giving and tasty recipe ideas. Guests will learn the differences in taste between Walkers Shortbread Fingers, Rounds, Triangles, Highlanders, Mini Rounds, Thins, Petticoat Tails and Vanilla cookies and hone their taste buds to detect the subtle variations.

Tea authority Ellen Easton will offer an in-depth tea lecture during which attendees will sample a rich selection of Walkers cookies. Ms. Easton is the author of "Afternoon Tea-Tips, Terms and Traditions" and "Tea Travels for the Holidays" from Red Wagon Press. According to Ms. Easton, her interest in tea is inherited, as her family contributed greatly to the Colony of Ceylon by introducing 205 tea plants from Assam, India, helping build one of the first, biggest and best cultivated tea plantations on the island.

The tasting will be followed by a sumptuous five course tea service, a specialty of Lady Mendl’s, that includes delicate and delicious sandwiches, fresh baked scones, clotted cream and jams along with a collection of fine teas. In honor of the holiday season the final course will include Walkers Festive Shapes, whimsically-shaped Christmas trees, bells, stars and Santa shortbread. Delectable Mincemeat Tarts bursting with flavor will be served from the acclaimed Scottish bakery. A traditional holiday offering, Mincemeat Tarts have been part of Scottish holiday festivities since the 11th century and it is believed that Henry V served mincemeat pies at his coronation in 1413. Walkers is a favorite with cookie connoisseurs all over the world and each guest will also receive a complimentary package of the award-winning shortbreads to take home.

Guests of all ages can relax in the elegantly decorated salon and enjoy the exquisite holiday decorations and Victorian Christmas tree. The Inn's General Manager Shawn Rettstatt will offer tours and an insider look at the salon. Holiday Tea Weeks run through Monday, January 2nd.

Popular holiday Walkers gift tins and cartons decorated in the bakery's internationally recognizable red tartan plaid will be given away at the Tasting and daily as prizes to lucky tea salon guests through the Tea Weeks celebration.

Lady Mendl’s is located in The Inn at Irving Place at 56 Irving Place between 17th and 18th Streets just south of Gramercy Park. Tea is served 12pm, 2:30pm and 5pm Monday through Sunday excluding Dec. 25th. For reservations phone 212-533-4466.

Walkers was founded in 1898 and is the leading brand of food exported from Scotland. The family continues to operate its original retail shop in Aberlour in the Highlands to stay in touch with its roots. Walkers has earned numerous British, Commonwealth and international awards including the Queen's Award for Export on four occasions. Walkers offer the widest range of shortbread, traditional cookies, cakes, oatcakes and puddings to over 80 countries internationally.