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Share Your IndividualiTEA for a Chance to Win $500
and a Year's Supply of Tea

In honor of the second annual National Hot Tea Day – to be celebrated on January 12, 2017– the Tea Council of the USA is launching the IndividualiTEA Photo Sharing Sweepstakes to give tea lovers across the nation an opportunity to win $500 and a year's supply of tea.

Entering is easy…simply share a photo, video or short explanation (in 140 characters or less!) with the unique ways, times, or places you like to enjoy your favorite tea – black, green, white or oolong – on Twitter with the hashtag #IndividualiTEA for a chance to win!

An ancient beverage nearly 5,000 years old, tea has become an American favorite, with approximately four in five U.S. consumers drinking tea. Everyone has a unique way of enjoying tea, as well as their own individual preference for tea times and tea types. Whether you enjoy your favorite cup as a morning pick me up at work, to socialize with family and friends, to relax before bed, or on vacation – the Tea Council of the USA encourages you to share your #IndividualiTEA.

Although all true teas come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis, they each have their own unique attributes, including:

  • The individual countries and regions where different types of tea are produced (more than 30 countries grow tea!).

  • The many types of tea – more 3,000 varieties of tea in the world – and their diverse flavors and characteristics resulting from local geography, climate, elevation and soil.

  • The unique tea customs and ceremonies of different cultures.

  • The unique health benefits associated with drinking tea. Regular tea consumption has been linked with cardiovascular health, cognitive health, cancer prevention, and weight management, among others.

"The launch of the IndividualiTEA Photo Sharing Sweepstakes is a fun and engaging opportunity for us to learn more about the unique ways, and reasons why, Americans are enjoying tea," says Peter Goggi, president of the Tea Council of the USA. "We are looking forward to seeing how consumers express their individuality through tea drinking and the entries."

Visit the Tea Council of the USA or follow @TeaCouncil on Twitter to learn more about the many unique characteristics of tea.

IndividualiTEA Photo Sharing Sweepstakes Details
The sweepstakes runs through January 31, 2017. A copy of the official rules can be found here. Enter as many times as you'd like and don't forget to tag and tell your friends! To enter:

  • Share a photo, video or explanation of the unique ways, times, and places you like to enjoy your favorite tea on Twitter and at with the hashtag #IndividualiTEA and tag @TeaCouncil.

  • You'll be prompted to finalize your entry for a chance to win at

The Tea Council of the USA is a non-profit association that was formed in 1950 as a joint partnership between tea packers, importers and allied industries within the United States, and the major tea producing countries. It functions as the promotional arm of the tea industry with a primary goal of increasing overall awareness of tea by providing information about its many positive attributes. One of the Council's primary objectives is the dissemination of key scientific findings about tea to the public. The Tea Council does this in several ways including: funding scientific meetings to bring tea researchers from around the world together to share key information and identify next steps for future research projects; and working with health organizations and international scientists to disseminate information about potential positive health effects of tea consumption on a public level.


Eight O'Clock Coffee Infusions

Eight O’Clock Coffee, America’s original gourmet coffee brand, recently introduced three innovative coffees that deliver a new coffee-drinking experience for consumers. The Eight O’Clock’s Infusions line features two new varieties of coffee; Alert and Relax.

Eight O’Clock’s Infusions line blends unique ingredients to its treasured coffee to deliver an enhanced coffee experience whether you’re looking for a hi-caffeine boost or a relaxing, decaffeinated blend. 

Infusions Relax is a premium, medium-bodied, decaffeinated 100% Arabica coffee blended with chamomile and lavender cuts. The lavender and chamomile in Relax subtly complement the taste of the coffee. Lavender and chamomile are familiar aromas and flavors associated with tranquility making Relax the  perfect coffee to enjoy when taking time out to relax. 

Infusions Alert is a premium full-bodied 100% Arabica coffee that is medium roasted for a full-bodied bold, robust flavor. Gently blended with caffeine and guarana, ALERT offers consumers a way to brighten their day with a hi-caffeine blend. Guarana is rich in caffeine and is a popular ingredient in energy drinks and teas. 

“Consumers today are drawn to products that provide an enhanced experience – these extensions to the Eight O’Clock family are truly unique and disruptive in the coffee aisle,” said David Allen, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Tata Global Beverages USA. 

For more information, visit


Introducing Qi Aerista:
The Ultimate Wifi-Enabled Smart Tea Maker
Now Available on Kickstarter

Keyway Innovations is proud to announce the launch of Qi Aerista, the ultimate WiFi-enabled smart tea maker that can hot brew, cold brew, or strong brew your favourite tea perfectly every time. Backers can support Qi Aerista for as low as $99 per unit on Kickstarter at from now till December 14.

"Tea is delicate and when brewed properly, makes a tremendous difference in taste," said Rick Ha, Founder and CEO of Keyway Innovations. "That is why we created Qi Aerista to simplify the brewing process for all types of tea. Even someone new to tea can enjoy a perfect cup every time."

Qi Aerista's patented circulative infusion system will heat and maintain a consistent water temperature specific to your tea type, then a circulative water flow optimally immerses and steeps the tea leaves with precise time control for optimal infusion. With its unique tea-water separation architecture, Qi Aerista solves the problems of over or under-steeping of tea faced by today's tea drinkers.

Qi Aerista includes 6 preset programs for cold brewing, floral, green, black, oolong, and milk tea. With Qi Aerista's app, users can access advanced functions such as customizing water temperature and brewing time with per degree/second precision, managing the brewing process remotely, setting reservation timers, and discovering the world of tea.

Qi Aerista is available on Kickstarter for as low as $99 per unit until the campaign ends on December 14, with worldwide shipping to backers starting in June 2017. Qi Aerista will retail for $239.

Founded in 2013, Keyway Innovations is a hardware startup based in Hong Kong, focusing on delivering a quality tea experience to all passionate tea lovers around the world. Founders Rick Ha, Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, and Co-founder Karen Wan, CPA and Certified Tea Evaluator, lead the team. With their love for a good cup of tea and years of experience in R&D and financial management, their vision is to bring more tea lovers into the world of tea and reinvent people's tea experience through simplicity and innovation.

For more information on Qi Aerista Smart Tea Maker, visit or email us at


News From NuZee

Combining innovation with convenience and functional coffee, NuZee is at the forefront of creating a new coffee sub-category for the outdoor, active and fitness-minded millennial consumer.

NuZee, Inc. was founded in 2012 with the vision of creating a new and unique way to experience and enjoy craft coffee. Their Coffee Blenders ® is the pioneer in functional coffee. By blending nutraceuticals into a dark roast Arabica blend, Coffee Blenders' focus is to give each item a unique function to fit the on-the-go lifestyle of millennials.

  • Coffee Blenders LEAN Cup contains 400mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract to promote healthy weight loss.

  • Coffee Blenders THINK Cup has 200mg of American Ginseng to increase cognitive performance.

  •  Coffee Blenders RELAX Cup contains 200mg of L-Theanine to help reduce stress and anxiety.

  •  Coffee Blenders ACTIVE Cup contains 300mg of Alpha-GPC to boost workout performance.

  • Coffee Blenders NUDE Drip Cup is the first single serve pour-over coffee on the market in the United States. Coffee Blenders' NUDE Cup means organic Arabica coffee with no function, just great coffee.

NuZee, Inc. just announced the launch of its revolutionary line of functional and organic coffee lines nationwide with United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI). Coffee Blenders will be featured in UNFI's "New and Now" publication and the "New Products" section of the monthly special alongside their vast variety of all natural and organic products. UNFI selected Matcha Cup®, Active Cup®, Lean Cup®, Think Cup® and Relax Cup® 2.0 single serve cups to launch in eight distribution centers throughout the United States.

For more information on Coffee Blenders please visit:


Super Teas from Tetley

Tetley USA, a subsidiary of the Tata Group, has introduced a new line of Tetley Super Teas, masterfully blended with dietary ingredients to help promote a balanced lifestyle. Crafted by Tetley's master tea blenders, the Tetley Super Teas line features six unique flavors, with some infused with essential vitamins including vitamin C, B6 and B7.

Tetley's Super Tea line offers tea drinkers a variety of smooth and fruity blends to help super power everyday tea drinking. Some Tetley Super Teas with vitamins provide drinkers with 20 percent of the recommended daily intake.

"Today's marketplace is becoming increasingly focused on providing consumers with value-added products that help support a well-balanced lifestyle," said Marc Birnbaum, Marketing Executive for Tetley USA. "To reflect this growing trend, Tetley has developed its new line of Super Teas as a simple way to enjoy a cup of tea with added benefits."

Formulated with only all natural flavors, Tetley's Super Teas are available in six varieties to help supplement specific areas of wellness:

  • Green Immunity: Smooth green tea cleverly combined with lemon, vitamin C and honey that supports the normal function of the immune system

  • Herbal Immunity: A lovely peach and orange infusion expertly blended with vitamin C that helps support your immune system

  • Green Metabolism: Tropical green tea tastefully fused with mixed mango, pineapple and vitamin B6 that helps support normal energy yielding metabolism

  • Herbal Metabolism: A delicious blueberry and raspberry infusion skillfully combined with vitamin B6 that helps support normal energy yielding metabolism

  • Glow: A delightful pineapple and citrus refreshing tea gently infused with vitamin B7 to help maintain normal skin and hair growth

  • Focus: Smooth black tea expertly blended with sweet vanilla and a boost of added caffeine equivalent to the contents of one cup of coffee that helps increase alertness and concentration

The line of Tetley Super Teas contains natural flavors, and 20 staple and tag-free tea bags per box at a suggested MSRP of $2.99-$3.99. Tetley Super Teas are available for purchase nationwide at select major retailers, as well as online at

For more information about the new line of Tetley Super Teas, visit and follow Tetley USA on Facebook at, on Twitter at and on Instagram at


7-Eleven® Introduces First Sustainably Sourced Coffee

Available exclusively at 7-Eleven® stores, the new Nicaragua single-origin coffee from Matagalpa not only tastes good; it is a feel-good way to start the day. The recently introduced premium brew is the retailer's first coffee to be Rainforest Alliance Certified™.

The Rainforest Alliance is an international nonprofit organization that seeks to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods. Carrying the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal with the little green frog means 7-Eleven stores' new coffee is sourced from coffee growers whose farms are required to meet strict standards designed to protect the environment, conserve wildlife and promote the well-being of local communities.   

This single-origin coffee, made exclusively from 100 percent Arabica beans harvested from Nicaragua's famed Matagalpa region, is a full-bodied, medium-dark roast with a delicious dark chocolate aroma and rich, sweet notes of cocoa.

"Our Matagalpa Nicaraguan coffee delivers a smooth, rich and robust flavor – it's a great tasting, premium cup of coffee without the premium price," said Nancy Smith, 7-Eleven senior vice president of fresh food and proprietary beverage merchandising. "And it does so with minimal impact on the environment. Nearly every major coffee-producing region of the world is under stress as changing weather patterns affect coffee production. By working with the Rainforest Alliance, we can help foster sustainable farming practices that protect natural resources."

"Our goal was to source a coffee that could carry the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal and provide a great-tasting addition to our selection of fresh-brewed coffees," Smith said. "The Rainforest Alliance got its start in Central America, which also happens to be where some of the world's best coffee beans are grown. The Matagalpa Nicaragua coffee got rave reviews in taste tests."

All 7-Eleven coffee varieties, flavors and blends are exclusive, with roasting levels and specifications developed exclusively for the retailer. One of its customers' favorites is from another tropical Latin American country. The retailer's 100 percent Colombian coffee has had the fastest-growing sales this year. The global convenience store chain is the fourth largest coffee retailer in the U.S.

7-Eleven announced in July that it was working with Conservation International (CI) to set measurable corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals to reduce its environmental footprint. 7-Eleven's CSR mission has three focus areas – planet, products and people. The retailer also joined CI's Business and Sustainability Council, a forum for corporate leaders taking positive environmental actions in their businesses, to explore mutually beneficial ways to further reduce its environmental impact.

"The Rainforest Alliance is proud to be working with 7-Eleven, a company that understands the value of sustainably sourced coffee and shares our belief that everyday actions add up to meaningful impact," said Alex Morgan, Rainforest Alliance director of Markets Transformation.

As part of its CSR objectives, 7-Eleven will continue to seek out responsibly sourced coffees and other products and packaging with less environmental impact.

Like all its proprietary beverages sold in a cup, the new single-origin coffee qualifies for 7Rewards®, 7-Eleven's customer loyalty program. Through its mobile app, 7Rewards customers earn a free any-size drink after the purchase of six drink purchases. The 7-Eleven app is available for download in Google Play and the App store.

Nicaragua single-origin coffee from Matagalpa is available at participating 7-Eleven stores.


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