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Wandering Bear - Cold Brew Coffee On The Go

New York born Wandering Bear Coffee is finally introducing a single serve, 11 oz. cold brew box, making it easier to enjoy your favorite coffee on the go. Certified Organic, Fair Trade and 25mg of caffeine per ounce (one of, if not the strongest on the market), is now more convenient than ever, making it easier get a cold brew fix on the way to work, at the gym or while out and about. The brand is also the first in the premium cold brew category to launch a TetraPak carton, widely recognized for sustainability.

Matt Bachmann (right) and Ben Gordon (left) founded Wandering Bear in 2014. Funny story: they met in grad school when each brought homemade cold brew to class. Needless to say, they ended up geeking out way more over coffee than economics.

Wandering Bear was the first brand to put cold brew coffee on tap in homes and offices via innovative box packaging. The unique format and craft packaging have become a calling card of the brand, earning them a loyal following in their home market of New York, but retailers and consumers alike were asking for something smaller.

"We've really listened to our consumers on this one," said Bachmann, "love for our 'coffee on tap' products has been strong for years now but our loyalists have been wanting something they can take with them on-the-go. We're excited at the new opportunities this product line will open for our brand."


TEA LOVERS: Be a Part of (Recreated) History

The Boston Tea Party comes alive in December!  Taking place at Boston's Old South Meeting House and the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, the 244th Boston Tea Party Anniversary & Annual Reenactment offers the public an opportunity to experience one of America's most iconic public protests at one of the largest moving historical reenactments in the U.S.  More than 100 reenactors tell the story of The Boston Tea Party and theatrically recreate the evening of December 16, 1773 which sparked the American Revolution.

The event begins with a fiery tea tax debate at Old South Meeting House, the historic hall where the colonists gathered 244 years ago. Then, the public joins a procession led by fife & drummers to the waterfront and witnesses the Sons of Liberty destroy actual loose [expired] tea from London's East India Company!  NEW IN 2017: Inviting one and all to send loose tea to be thrown into Boston Harbor as part of this year's reenactment.

Send dried loose leaf tea (NO used tea bags) to: Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, ATTN: 'Toss That Tea', 306 Congress St, Boston, MA 02210. Include name, address, e-mail & phone number. An official certificate of participation will be sent to each partaker sending tea. Deadline to send tea: December 1, 2017.  To learn more visit or call 1-855-(TEA)-1773. 


Calling All Hot Coffee Lovers, You're About to Get Canned

Love coffee but hate the hassle? You're not alone. Whether you are commuting, cramming for an exam or catching up with friends, coffee is an essential food group. Now, HOTSHOT®, an innovative company that got an initial jolt from an appearance on ABC's Shark Tank, is bringing HOT canned coffee to caffeine deprived consumers. Yes, we said HOT COFFEE IN A CAN!!

HOT coffee in a ready-to-drink can is not a new concept -- in fact in Japan, it is a $15B industry. Entrepreneur Danny Grossfeld was on a trip to Japan when he reached into what he thought was a cooler to grab a can of iced coffee. Much to his surprise, the can was HOT-- and ready to drink. Grossfeld launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring a version of the Japanese product to U.S. consumers, which caught the eye of Shark Tank producers.

While Grossfeld didn't get an initial deal, the show's visibility helped secure private investment and generated significant consumer interest. "The Shark Tank appearance was not only one of the most stressful but also valuable experiences of my life," said Grossfeld. "At the end of the day, the process made sure my business plan was flawless and the visibility has generated thousands of inquiries. It has been a great platform from which to launch."

Did we say it was HOT Coffee in a CAN?

Initially available in Black, French Vanilla and Hot Chocolate, the coffee (made from 100% Arabica beans) is served in aluminum cans (made of 70% recycled content) that are warmed to 140 degrees -- which is the perfect temperature to drink premium coffee— by a custom-designed HotBox. The HotBox uses innovative patented heating technology to keep HOTSHOT at 140 degrees day and night, while being energy efficient. 

A revolutionary insulated label, not unlike a drink cozy, keeps your coffee HOT and your hands cool. When opened, the cans emit steam and the fresh-brewed aroma expected from a delicious cup of coffee. Additional flavors such as Green Tea, Hot Apple Cider and Cappuccino are planned.

Single Starter kits, consisting of a hot box, plus 12 8-ounce cans of any flavor coffee are available for $99.99. Or, parents or grandparents looking for a gift for their favorite dorm room dweller can choose a Subscription Package, which includes an initial shipment of a hot box, plus 24 8-ounce cans of any flavor coffee ($129.99). Then automatically every month, 24 cans arrive for $70, including free shipping. Packages can be customized to reflect flavor preferences and subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

For additional information,


Lotus Biscoff® Topped Bons Available at Cinnabon® for a Limited Time

Beloved bakery celebrates with 100,000 air mile sweepstakes and National Coffee Day giveaway. 

OMG!  Two incredible worlds are colliding…and the result is a totally sweet marriage!  Cinnabon just announced a brand new deliciously indulgent treat in partnership with Lotus Biscoff.

For a limited time, the world famous cinnamon rolls meet Europe's iconic cookie, giving taste buds a sweet escape. Guests can top any size cinnamon roll with the crunchy, caramelized flavor of Biscoff Cookie crumbles, elevating the ooey-gooey, brown sugar bursts in every bite.  

To celebrate the partnership between a European favorite and the beloved airport treat, Cinnabon is offering fans a chance to win 100,000 air miles by entering the 'Bon' Voyage Sweepstakes.  From Sept. 18 to Nov. 12, fans can visit to enter to win the sweet escape of their choice.  In addition, users on social media can post using the hashtag #BonVoyageSweeps for unlimited entries.

"We're always looking for ways to take our guests' taste buds on an irresistible journey, and the Lotus Biscoff partnership provides a way to enhance our mouthwatering menu items," said Jill Thomas, vice president of global marketing for Cinnabon. "By adding a taste of Europe to our bons, Cinnabon continues to offer desirable treats made with the high-quality ingredients everyone knows and loves."

"We are thrilled to partner with such an iconic American brand," said Michelle Singer, US General Manager of Lotus Bakeries.  "It's exciting when two high-quality, universally loved products like Cinnabon and Lotus Biscoff can come together in a simply delicious treat." 

In honor of the collaboration with Lotus Biscoff, Europe's favorite cookie with coffee, Cinnabon plans to celebrate National Coffee Day in a big way. Guests can visit Cinnabon bakeries nationwide on Sept. 29 to get a FREE 12oz coffee all day! 

Adding to the flavors of Makara® cinnamon and cream cheese frosting, Lotus Biscoff brings hints of caramel and spices to the traditional cinnamon roll in any size with prices ranging from $3.49 - $4.79. The tasty topping is also available on our Center of the Roll™, the best part of the Classic cinnamon roll cut into bite-sized pieces, served in a cup for on-the-go ease.

Also available for a limited time, the Biscoff Cookies & Cream Chillatta features decedent cookie flavor mixed into a creamy vanilla frappe with swirls of rich, creamy caramel sauce and finished with cookie crumbs atop a mountain of whipped cream. Chillattas® are available in 10oz at $2.99, 16oz at $4.19, and 24oz for $4.99. 

For more details on the new line-up and to stay connected to all things Cinnabon, follow the brand on Twitter and Instagram at @Cinnabon, like it on Facebook at, follow on Snapchat at TheRealCinnabon, or visit


Kabaki Kenyan Purple Tea

Martin Kabaki came to the United States in pursuit of a better life. He also had a dream of helping his people back home in Kenya who live in poverty with limited access to medical care. Kabaki, LLC improves the Kenyan economy by supporting local tea growers in Kenya who grow purple tea leaves at high elevations where the intense ultraviolet light turns the leaves purple. With a recent launch in Baltimore at the 2017 Expo East conference, Kabaki hopes the little purple leaf turns into a popular trend.

Kenyan purple tea is a new type of tea, recently discovered in Kenya. This new and unique tea belongs to a special purple variety of the camellia sinesis tea plant. Grown at high elevations where the intense ultraviolet light turns the leaves purple, the leaves have high levels of anthocyanin, a compound found in reddish purple plants like blueberries, raspberries and purple grapes, known to have powerful antioxidant properties. Kenyan purple tea also contains a unique polyphenol, GHG that is not found in any other tea varieties. Published scientific studies indicate that Kenyan purple tea has more polyphenols and antioxidant activity than green tea or any other tea, with a radical scavenging rate over 51% more effective, and antioxidant activity twice as high as green tea.

Kabaki Kenyan Purple Tea offers the first line of ready-to-drink teas made from Kenyan purple tea leaves. Packed with Anthocyanins, Antioxidants and Polyphenols the purple teas offer a wide level of therapeutic, restorative and longevity benefits superior to other teas. Available in five delicious, earthy and sweet fruity flavors (raspberry, peach, lemon, lightly sweetened and unsweetened) the teas are organically grown and produced. The ready-to-drink line rounds out the purple tea offerings, which also include purple tea bags, purple tea leaves and purple leaf extract.

These tea growers are committed to sustainable, organic and fair trade practices. Kabaki donates 10% of profits to provide access to better medical care for the people of Kenya. “Our company has already started a medical clinic in Kijiji, which we plan to expand into a full-fledged hospital,” stated Kabaki.

Website “coming soon”


Countdown to Coffee & Tea Festival in PA

Get ready PA!  Coffee & Tea Festival returns to the greater Philadelphia area, but this year the show moves from November to December 2-3—just in time for holiday treats and specials.  The event will return to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, located minutes from Valley Forge National Historical Park.  The event is open to the public and the trade. Goodie bags will be distributed to the first 750 attendees each day.

Information about the 2017 Coffee & Tea Festival Valley Forge is available at the event website: