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- Coffee & Tea Festival NYC -
Event Highlights

Manhattan was really buzzing on April 12-13, 2008 as consumers and area retailers gathered in the beautiful Metropolitan Pavilion to learn about, and sample, some of the best coffees and teas from around the world. “Attendance at this year’s show was the highest to date. We expect the 2009 show to continue the upward trend”, said Lynda Calimano, event producer at Starfish Junction.

The recent 2-day event presented a great lineup of international coffee and tea exhibitors and guest speakers. Attendees were thrilled to meet Tea Master Yoshikazu Tafu who journeyed from Japan to partake in the festival. Together with his sponsor team from TAFU NY, he led three informative programming sessions—The Art of Japanese Sencha, The Art of Japanese Matcha, and an informative beginners class titled Green Tea 101. Another rare and special treat for the festival attendees was the Korean tea ceremony performed by The Korean Tea Culture Foundation’s Director and Tea Master, Yoon Hee Kim. After a brief history of Korean tea, a modified version of the ceremony was performed as audience members enjoyed, what will be for many, a once in a lifetime experience.

Attendees with a special interest in coffee enjoyed the interactive coffee cupping and tasting program presented by Marcela Zuchovicki, owner of Jalima Coffee. This workshop offered coffee lovers a rare opportunity to taste an incredible lineup of coffee from around the world including Brazil, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Kenya, and Mexico thanks to the program sponsors, Gillies Coffee and Jalima.

Also included among the attendee’s favorite programs:
Afternoon Tea for Fun & Profit, presented by Ellen Easton.
Coffee & Tea Infused Cocktails, presented by Kara Newman and special guest mixologist Benoit Cornet of Sanctuary Tea.
Tea Blending: An Elusive Art, presented by Nini Ordoubadi, Owner of Tay Tea Inc.
Cooking with Coffee, hosted by Food Historian & Cookbook Author Francine Segan.
The Future of Tea presented by Chris Cason, Tea Sommelier, Tavalon.
Espresso Logic: Pride, Passion & Preparation, presented by Mitchel Margulis of Real Coffee Corp.

The event charity, Cup for Education, was also on hand to raise funds and awareness for the work they do to help poor and rural coffee communities of Central and Latin America build schools within their communities. Help them in their crusade to provide the basic tools needed to educate the future generations of coffee farmers. Click here to learn more or to make a donation.

- CBS Morning Show -
Does Live Broadcast from Coffee And Tea Festival

Elise Finch, a member of the CBS Morning Show team, joined exhibitors as they set up for the 3rd annual Coffee And Tea Festival NYC on April 12th. In addition to highlighting some of the most unique exhibitors during her live broadcast, Ms. Finch mediated a lively he said/she said, coffee v. tea debate between Mitch Margulis of Real Coffee Corp. and Nini Ordoubadi of Tay Tea for the CBS Morning Show viewers. Each exhibitor made a passionate case for the benefits of their preferred beverage. Elise, exercising journalistic excellence, stayed neutral during the fun and friendly debate.

- Coffee & Tea Festival Exhibitors - Get Booked on National Radio Show
Pre-Show Publicity—It’s a GREAT Thing!

Building momentum and publicity for the 3rd Annual Coffee And Tea Festival NYC, four of the festival’s exhibitors were booked on the Martha Stewart Living Radio, the national morning show broadcast on the Sirius Radio Network.

Morning Living with Kim Fernandez and Betsy Karetnick kicks off Martha Stewart Living Radio programming each and every weekday morning with the nation's most noted chefs, lively celebrity interviews and top-notch expert advice on living well. Kim and Betsy welcomed Coffee And Tea Festival exhibitors Nob Inomata (Tafu NY), Laurance Milner (Biscottea), Yoon Hee Kim (TeaClassics), and Nini Ordoubadi (Tay Tea).

- Live From Nagoya, Japan -
It’s the Coffee & Tea Festival Event Producer

While most New Yorker’s were having dinner at 7pm on April 9th, Lynda Calimano, event producer for the Coffee And Tea Festival, was doing a live telephone interview with James Havens, ZIP-FM’s morning show host. ZIP-FM is broadcast from Nagoya, Japan.


New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) is an independent, nonprofit television broadcaster located in New York City. It provides a wide range of programs in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. The station's flagship program is news, which provides timely reporting nine times a day on important events from around the world. A significant portion of these programs focuses on traditional Chinese culture and current affairs in Asia. NTDTV reporter Qing Lan caught up with Lynda Calimano at the Coffee And Tea Festival NYC (CTF NYC) for an interview that appeared on the evening news broadcast.

- Exhibitors/Sponsors/Partners -

To contact one of the festival’s exhibitors, sponsors, or partners, click on their logo below and you’ll be re-directed to their website.

- Media Supporters -

- Save The Date for 2009! -
4th Annual Coffee & Tea Festival: April 18-19, 2009

coffee and tea festivalMark your calendars and join us next year, April 18-19, 2009 for the 4th Annual Coffee & Tea Festival: NYC!

For exhibitor information & booth reservations, contact


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