Free Activities

There will be fun and exciting activities at the festival for attendees of all ages to enjoy! All activities are for fun and entertainment purposes only. No winner or prizes will be incorporated in these activities, unless specified.


Event Bingo
Grab a BINGO card at registration and walk the event trying to complete the card with either a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line. Try to get the inner box, the cross, the outer box or a full card too! There may be surprises in store for those that take the challenge!


The Coffee & Tea Festival NYC Iced should be fun AND relaxing so take a seat at the coloring station, grab a few colored pencils or crayons, and make your masterpiece! There will be adult and children’s coloring pages so all can take a seat! Make sure to post your completed work of art on our giant bulletin board so all attendees can admire your skills.


Fresh Brewed Trivia
Test your knowledge of coffee and tea with some trivia questions covering everything there is to know about the two beloved beverages. If you’ve studied up and “ace” the question at hand, maybe you’ll be in for a special surprise!



Giant Jenga

Join in on a game of giant jenga to see who can stack their blocks the highest without making the towering wood pieces fall over! It’s all fun and games, and no one gets hurt.




Tea/Coffee Painting
We pre-made watercolor paint from tea and coffee for you using various teas and different coffee roasts. Now, you pick up the brush and paint your best Picasso (rather, your best John Singer Sargent!).