Free Contests

There is no cost to participate but contestants must fill out the entry form in advance and be ticketholders of the event. Contest registration is now open!


All Day - Instagram Ugly Mug Contest
Everyone has a mug… the one you were given as a gift, the one that fits your hands just right, the one that was a freebie from an event, the one that bares a favorite quote, the one that has a unique shape; but some people are blessed with the best “ugly mug.” The mug that stays in the back corner of the cabinet, the mug that was gifted to embarrass you or maybe it’s even a “mug” your family and friends have nicknamed when you’re photographed a certain way… Whatever it may be, visit the Ugly Mug Showcase and photograph your “ugly mug” to enter the Instagram Ugly Mug Contest. Here are the steps to enter:

1. Take a photo of your “ugly mug” at the Ugly Mug Showcase at the Coffee & Tea Festival NYC Iced

2. Post the photo of your “ugly mug” to Instagram

3. Make sure to include the following in your post: @coffeeteafestival #uglymugentry #NYCIced

4. If steps 1-3 are completed, you’re officially entered!

Instagram posts must be made on June 11, 2017 to officially enter and contain all three identifiers in step three. Posts that are made before or after June 11, 2017 will be disqualified. Posts that do not contain all three identifiers will be disqualified. Contest winner will get tickets to the Coffee & Tea Festival NYC in March 2018.

12:30PM - Sugar Cube Creation Contest
This is an open invitation to attendees of all ages to explore their creative side! All contestants will be given sugar cubes to create into castles, animals, buildings, cars, people - you name it!! No matter what your creation may be, it must be created out of sugar cubes. Embellishments may be brought by the entrant to the festival contest for use, but no paint, coloring, or adhesives of any type. There will be 3 categories for this contest, Adults (ages 18+), Youth (ages 12-17), and Children (under 12). Think you are the next Michelangelo? Enter today! The winning creation will be decided by festival attendees! Now is your chance to play with your food! Limited space available so sign-up early!

Click here for the registration form and to sign-up for the Sugar Cube Creation Contest.

There will be a contest winner per category. The winner of the adult category will win 2 tickets to the Coffee & Tea Festival NYC and a $25 gift card to Heartland Brewery. The "youth" and "child" winners will each receive a $10 gift cards.


2:00PM - Tea/Coffee Cocktail Recipe Contest
Spiked tea and coffee is nothing new with Long Island Iced Teas and Irish coffee cocktails around for a long time… but what caffeinated concoction keeps you buzzing? Enter your signature cocktail recipe, made with tea and/or coffee, in this contest! The Tea/Coffee Cocktail Recipe Contest will be taking place at the Coffee & Tea Festival NYC Iced at 2:00pm EST. Judges will be grading recipes on a scale of 1-5 in four categories: presentation, use of tea/coffee, recipe creativity and overall taste. Contestants must be 21+ to enter and must make enough of their cocktail for all judges to taste. All ingredients and supplies must be brought to the event (including tea/coffee), and the cocktail must be prepared on-site. Tea/Coffee must be used in all recipe submissions! Limited space available so sign-up early!

Click here for the registration form and to sign-up for the Tea/Coffee Cocktail Recipe Contest!

Entrants must be 21+! Contest winner will be rewarded with a $25 gift card to Heartland Brewery and a $20 gift card to Flatiron Hall.