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Saturday, December 2, 2017

11:00AMCeylon Tea & the Beautiful ‘Tea Island’ of Sri Lanka (Presented by: Gail Gastelu)
12:30PMCoffee: Origins and Processing – Bean to Cup (Presented by: Richard Berman)
2:00PM Let’s Get BeauTEAful! (Presented by: AnnaRose Kauser)

Sunday, December 3, 2017

11:00AM Pu’er: The History and Taste of an Ancient Tea (Presented by: Zhen Lu)
12:30PM High Quality & Convenient Coffee On-The-Go (Presented by: Ryan Schueler)
2:00PM Mindfulness Tea Party (Presented by: Zachary Maichuk)

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Ceylon Tea & the Beautiful 'Tea Island' of Sri Lanka
Presented By: Gail Gastelu, Owner & Publisher of The Tea House Times

Come and enjoy a presentation about Ceylon tea and the beautiful island country of Sri Lanka! It's a tropical island paradise well known for its seven tea growing regions. Affectionately referred to as "Tea Island," you will quickly learn why they say that Ceylon tea is "pure enchantment in a cup!"

• for tea enthusiasts of all levels

About Gail Gastelu:

Gail Gastelu is owner/publisher of The Tea House Times, producer of Tea Course and Tea Course Fast Track, co-owner of Tea Etiquette Certified and frequent presenter at tea and/or coffee shows nationwide. Connecting businesses and consumers since 2003, her passion and drive is to help tea businesses grow by providing many services beneficial to the tea industry. The publication, news, education, hosted blogs, special features, and resources may be found by visiting website. Gail recently created the nationwide #DrinkTea Campaign with the Tea Council of the USA. Gail currently serves on the Tea Association of the USA's Specialty Tea Institute Advisory Board and over the years has been an officer or advisory board member to several associations, trade shows, and organizations.



Coffee: Origins and Processing – Bean to Cup
Presented By: Richard Berman, Owner of Pour Richard’s Coffee Company

This informative discussion will go into depth about the origins and processing of coffee from farming and harvesting practices to direct trade and roasting. You will also cup a few of Pour Richard’s Coffee Company’s 22 single origin specialty coffees to understand the flavor, aroma and appearance of coffee from various regions.

• for coffee enthusiasts of all levels

About Richard Berman: 
Richard Berman is a coffee enthusiast. He began roasting coffee on a small home-use roaster that he received as a birthday present 11 years ago. After years of enjoying home roasted coffee and setting a standard that he could rarely find in coffee shops, he and his wife, Mindyjane, opened Pour Richard’s Coffee Co. in Devon, Pennsylvania in 2013. In the summer of 2014, Pour Richard’s Coffee Co. was voted Best of Main Line -Roaster!

Pour Richard's Coffee Co. is a small batch third wave coffee shop. They are committed to the art of the roast. No bean sits on their shelves for more than two weeks. They currently feature 15 single origin coffees and are cultivating a number of direct trade relationships with coffee farmers in South America. Pour Richard’s has two origin trips scheduled in 2015 to visit coffee plantations and meet with the farmers. Their shop also features loose leaf teas that are supplied and individually made by another husband/wife team in New York. Pour Richard’s is passionate about local and fresh, and serves sandwiches, salads and pastries that they get from Italian markets and family owned bakeries in and around Philadelphia. Everything served comes in fresh each day. Pour Richard’s also makes almond milk, chai, pumpkin puree and vanilla syrup.


Let’s Get BeauTEAful!
Presented By: AnnaRose Kauser, Owner & Founder of Oh You, TEAse

Take a seat in a fun seminar that teaches how to incorporate tea into beauty. You’ll learn how to make a lip balm, lip color, body scrub and lotion - all with tea! Plus, you’ll learn which types of teas are actually great for health and beauty, and the cosmetic benefits they provide.

• for tea enthusiasts of all levels

About AnnaRose Kauser:

AnnaRose Kauser is the owner and founder of Oh You, TEAse. As an avid tea lover with an entrepreneurial spirit, Kauser allowed herself to follow her dreams and launch her company in May of 2016. While she may be new to the scene as a business owner, she has been blending, experimenting with and creating custom teas for over a decade. Kauser is fun, cheerful and optimistic and she truly aims to infuse those characteristics into her tea. Her philosophy is that tea should be fun. As part of her goal to take the "hoity toity" out of tea, she encourages her customers to play with their tea and think outside of the box. Her favorite way of doing this? Incorporating tea into DIY cosmetics!


Pu’er: The History and Taste of an Ancient Tea
Presented By: Zhen Lu, Owner of Zhen Tea

Pu’er (aka Pu’erh) tea has become one of the most sought after teas for many enthusiasts. Fascination with its unique flavour, ancient history and its ability to age like fine wine, has led to a bevy of anecdotes, hearsay and misconceptions. In the seminar, you’ll dive in and talk straight about how to approach this fascinating tea.

• for tea enthusiasts of all levels; basic knowledge of tea should be known

About Zhen Lu:
Chinese tea taster Zhen Lu is from a tea family with more than 20 years of experience in high-end Chinese tea; and Zhen has almost 10 years of experience in the field herself. Working with producers, farmers and the most prominent tea masters in China has given her a deep knowledge of how terroir, varietals, plantations, processing steps, brewing, and more, effects the flavour of the tea.

Moving to North America to pursue her studies, Zhen quickly noticed a high degree of confusion around Chinese tea which led her to become a tea educator and merchant, dedicated to introducing the West to a level of fine Chinese tea never before seen outside China.


High Quality & Convenient Coffee On-The-Go
Presented By: Ryan Schueler, Co-Founder of Javazen

As more and more coffee shops pop-up on every corner for in-and-out service and mobile pick-up becomes the go-to method of ordering, the act of having a cup of coffee is quick and fast. Is this a good thing though? Often, having a quick cup of coffee means we’re omitting quality to satisfy a time or stress constraint. In this seminar, attendees will discuss healthy coffee habits as they relate to water, type of coffee used and the process by which the coffee is made. Attendees will learn that there are different on-the-go coffee making methods that might be better or worse than others for different people and the invention of a compostable coffee brew bag that will encourage healthy coffee consumption, and be more sustainable in a world that over consumes.

• for coffee enthusiasts of all levels

About Ryan Schueler:
Ryan Schueler is the co-founder of Javazen, a food startup that combined coffee with functional ingredients.

In college, he ran two successful businesses managing over 25 employees in six regions along the East Coast. Now, at 25, Ryan spends his days spreading his personal and company mission to inspire health in the coffee world, something billions of people drink daily.

As a community titled “people enthusiast,” Ryan expresses the power that connecting with people in any situation can be your most valuable asset. His past speeches have won his company “D.C. Startup of the Year” from as well as this Green Festival’s Brand Award for D.C.

When Ryan isn’t out making new friends, you can usually find him catching up with old friends.


Mindfulness Tea Party
Presented By: Zachary Maichuk, Clinical Psychologist

Mindfulness has become a topic of interest over the past few years both in popular and professional circles. Originating in Buddhist meditation, mindfulness principles have become a focus of many modern meditational practices as well as psychological research and therapy. In this seminar, you will be introduced to several mindfulness principles illustrated with the humble cup of tea. From the act of brewing a cup to the enjoyment of each sip, those in attendance will learn how the cup they enjoy every day can be used to build mindful awareness.

• for tea enthusiasts of all levels

This seminar is intended to be informational only. Even though you will explore several concepts related to mindfulness psychology, the seminar is not intended to act as any form of therapy or treatment.

About Zachary Maichuk:
Dr. Zack is a Licensed Psychologist in Pennsylvania. He received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Rutgers University in 2011. In addition to his professional career, he is an artist, storyteller, and former Peace Corps Volunteer.


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