2018 Seminars


All are welcome! Free to attend. Located in Meeting Room 1 across the expo center lobby.


Saturday, December 1, 2018

11:00AMTea Yoga (Presented by: Brittney Morris, Famous Warrior Yoga; $10 participation fee required - click here to purchase your ticket)

12:30PMThe Process Behind a Cup of Coffee (Presented by: Alec Satterly of Wake Coffee and Thim Ponnappa of Origin Coffee Traders)

2:00PM Ceylon Tea (Presented by: Dale Dharmaraja, Kanlo International)

3:30PMTea Cocktails (Presented by: Andrew Terrance, Whole Harmony)


Sunday, December 2, 2018

11:00AM Yerba Mate: One of the Fastest Growing Tea Markets (Presented by: Alexander Molander, Teaglass)

12:30PM Coffee Origins (Presented by: Richard Berman, Pour Richard’s Coffee)

2:00PM Let’s Get CrafTEA (Presented by: AnnaRose Kauser, Oh You TEAse)


** Seminars subject to change without notice. Please check back for updates.**

Tea Yoga
Presented By: Brittney Morris, Certified Instructor of Famous Warrior Yoga
Sponsored By: Therapeutic Thymes Magazine
Participation Fee: $10 (Click here to purchase your ticket and reserve your spot.)

Start your morning with some relaxation, meditation and tea with a 60-minute “tea yoga” session at the Coffee & Tea Festival Valley Forge. This beginners yoga class will cover the basic stretches and breathing techniques to get you connected with your inner strength and your cup of tea. The yoga class is only available on Saturday, December 1, 2018, and will take place promptly at 11 am.  You must be a festival ticket holder to attend.  This class is BYOM, bring your own mat. There will be a limited amount of tickets sold and tickets must be pre-purchased online.  Photo courtesy of: Famous Warrior Yoga.

About Brittney Morris:
Brittney is a RYT 500 and certified in Chair and Restorative yoga.  She completed both her 200- and 300- hour training programs in York, PA at Open Heart Yoga Teacher Training at Ignite Power Yoga of York.  She has been teaching for about two and a half years.  In addition, she is a certified Reiki practitioner and essential oil educator.  Brittney is also a regular contributing author to Therapeutic Thymes magazine.  Brittney has a passion for aiding students in emotional release through physical practice, breath work, meditation, essential oils, crystals and Reiki.  Brittney found that after the loss of her grandmother, yoga could help her heal inside and out.  It is now her mission to help others in the same way.  Operating under “Famous Warrior Yoga” in homage to her late grandmother, Brittney can be found teaching at Hereford High School, through the 7th District Rec. Council, in Parkton, MD.  In addition, she offers in home, private sessions of both Yoga and Reiki.  Brittney’s hope is to help you find your peaceful warrior and inner strength.


The Process Behind a Cup of Coffee
Presented By: Alec Satterly, CEO of Wake Coffee, and Thim Ponnappa, US Operations of Origin Coffee Traders

Wake Coffee has partnered up with Origin Coffee Traders to explain the entire process behind a fresh cup of coffee - starting with coffee berries to the wash process, to working with exporters, to roasting, then finally the brewing process. The goal is to spread the appreciation and knowledge of what goes into each cup of hot coffee. Attendees will see just how many people go into every cup of coffee drank throughout the world!

About Wake Coffee:
Wake Coffee has teamed up with some of the finest, most passionate coffee enthusiasts to produce what they believe to be some of the highest quality single origin coffees on the market. Their team has years of combined experience in the industry where they come together to further refine their products as well as offer one of the most educational coffee drinking experiences out there.

About Thim Ponnappa:
Thim heads Origin Coffee Traders’ US operations and was born and raised around coffee plantations in Coorg, India. Coming from a family of coffee farmers, he developed a passion towards coffee in his childhood and is passionate about the farmers and their needs at the origin. With an extensive background in technology and customer service he is dedicated to the needs and satisfaction of his customers. Origin Coffee Traders is a culmination of his love for coffee, passion for customer service and entrepreneurial ambitions all rolled into one.


Ceylon Tea
Presented By: Dale Dharmaraja, Director of Kanlo International

Ceylon tea is simply tea from the country of Sri Lanka, a nation formerly known as Ceylon under the British colony.  Ceylon tea is predominantly black tea and its grown in different elevations from warm to cool climates. The weather creates a uniqueness in the tea taste from subtle to bold and brisk. In this seminar, learn about  the  seven regions of tea from Sri Lanka that all taste differently and the lion logo signifying “Pure Ceylon Tea.”

About Dale Dharmaraja:
Kanlo Gourmet Tea is a New York based company, established in 2010 to introduce good quality tea from Sri Lanka formerly known as Ceylon. Ceylon Tea is very unique as each tea leaf is picked by hand, rather than use of  machinery.  Its two leaves and a bud from the tea tree that gets skillfully plucked creates premium quality Ceylon tea.

Our families have been in the tea industry for three generations in Sri Lanka growing and selling tea. Today we have created newness to our products and importing from its source. We continue to educate and share our knowledge with our consumers to enjoy good quality tea. With our partners, we sell in 16 different countries in the world.


Tea Cocktails
Presented By: Andrew Terrance, Director of Operations at Whole Harmony

Sip, sample and learn all about plant medicine through tea and cocktails! Learn about the use of roots, barks, berries, and petals for botanical infused drinks - mocktails, cocktails and shrubs. Plus, five several cocktails will be demonstrated so that you can make them at home for yourself or your next gathering.

About Andrew Terrance:
Andrew began his study of herbs with Whole Harmony in 2015.  He has worked three seasons on the medicinal herb farm, apothecary & several plant medicine programs. Andrew is the Director of Operations at the Whole Harmony facility.


Yerba Mate: One of the Fastest Growing Tea Markets
Presented By: Alexander Molander, Founder of Teaglass

Yerba mate originates from South America and it's high caffeine content, bold flavor, and health benefits have Americans adapting this tea as a coffee alternative. What is the history of this tea, how is it brewed, and why should you care? Learn the answers in this seminar as it covers the history of authentic yerba mate, an analysis into the health benefits, it’s introduction to the American palate, and the different brewing/consumption methods.

About Alexander Molander:
Alexander Molander is a Product/UX designer and founder of the teaware company Teaglass.

Coming from an Argentine background, he grew up with the culture of yerba mate tea. While studying Product Design at Drexel University, he found that yerba mate is rapidly increasing in popularity as the perfect coffee alternative for long days/nights of studying. However most Americans are unfamiliar with the tea, and confused by traditional brewing methods.

He married his passion for glassware design with the need to create intuitive teaware solutions for yerba mate, and founded Teaglass bringing these products to market.


Coffee Origins
Presented By: Richard Berman, Owner of Pour Richard’s Coffee Company

This seminar will cover how coffee from different terroirs or origins (countries, regions, farms) affects the taste profile of your coffee. Methods of processing coffee vary by origin to effect taste but more often than not the taste of coffee is affected by the nutrients in the soil, sun, and water. By the end of the seminar, you should be able to understand why your tastebuds might gravitate to certain coffees and/or what coffees you should look for in the store or at your local roaster based on your flavor preferences. Select audience members will also do a cupping of a series of coffees from different regions. Other audience members will be able to taste these coffees.

About Richard Berman:
Richard Berman is a coffee enthusiast who began roasting coffee on a home roaster that he received as a birthday present 13 years ago. There is an art and science to coffee roasting and Rich’s science background supports him to get it right. After years of home roasts that set a standard that he could rarely find in other coffee shops. Rich and his wife, MJ, opened Pour Richard’s Coffee Co. in Devon, Pennsylvania in 2013. Pour Richard’s Coffee Co. has been voted Best of Main Line Roaster ever since!

Pour Richard's Coffee Co. is a small batch fourth wave coffee shop. The shop features a seasonal menu of 18 single origin coffees. The company has run numerous direct trade trips to meet and work with farmers throughout Latin and South America. These farmers grow specialty grade coffee and adhere to strict sustainable farming practices. Each coffee cherry is hand picked when ripe. All are invited to join Pour Richard’'s at their penny for a free cupping (think wine tasting but with coffee) every Sunday at 2pm but they caution that your concept of coffee will be forever changed.


Let’s Get CrafTEA!
Presented By: AnnaRose Kauser, Owner & Founder of Oh You, TEAse

Tea was used, historically, for more than just drinking. Attendees of this seminar will learn about tea’s use in self-care and home-making like arts and crafts. The hands-on workshop will include making (and bringing home) a tea-stained lace dream catcher and a tea-filled eye mask. Perfect for a handmade holiday gift - or for a special treat for yourself!

About AnnaRose Kauser:
TEA.E.O. Visionary. Master Blender. Pillow Lover. Seashell Collector. Mompreneur. Lightning Bolt. AnnaRose Rotondi-Kauser is the owner and founder of Oh You, TEAse. As an avid tea lover with an entrepreneurial spirit, she allowed herself to follow her dreams and launch her company in May of 2016. While she may be new to the scene as a business owner, she has been blending, experimenting with and creating custom teas for over a decade. AnnaRose is fun, cheerful and optimistic and she truly aims to infuse those characteristics into her tea. Her philosophy is that tea should be fun and bring happiness to all those who drink it.



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